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Watch out for Moose

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I'm on the road for business and staying at the Hampton Inn in Presque Isle, Maine. I'll be spending the next several days in Northern Maine with representatives from various agencies meeting with businesses throughout the county in my role with the Department of Economic and Community Development.

As I checked into the hotel last night, I recalled the last time I stayed at a similar hotel. It was in Pasadena, California a few weeks ago. I love California it's my birthplace. But given the choice I would rather be here than there any day.

Northern Maine is truly one of the best places on earth. That is my opinion and I'm sticking with it. I drove here from Bangor on a beautiful afternoon that turned into a stunning summer evening. Seeing the view of Katahdin to my left and the sun setting over rolling hills and fields that are being prepped for this seasons potato crop was breathtaking.

There was no traffic no billboards no stress. I'll take a 2.5 hour commute from Bangor to Presque Isle over a one hour commute from LAX to Pasadena where the traffic is insane any day.

The Hampton Inn in Presque Isle is lovely. It's only a few years old and still has that 'new hotel' smell. I highly recommend it should you be travelling here in the future. Easy to get to, clean, and there are cookies when you check in!

But what I love most about this hotel and this place are the people. Not that people in LA are mean they just don't seem all that genuine. It's a different story here. The customer service at the Hampton has been exceptional. When I checked in the woman at the front desk was genuinely interested in me and what brought me here; making sure I knew my way around the hotel and that I had everything I needed.

This morning I was up at 5 a.m. to get ready to head to Fort Kent. I needed coffee I really needed coffee! I threw on something to wear and in a semi-sleep state wandered down to the lobby where breakfast was being set up. There was coffee! But there was no milk to be found and I needed my 2-percent. It was very early. Nobody was there. Then I spotted the door to the kitchen and peaked in. What I found were two very friendly hotel employees going about their business to get breakfast out. When I asked if they had any milk - they were extraordinarily happy to help me.

This is unusual. Try this in other places and you may get a 'the breakfast buffet opens at 6 sorry!' Not here. The man and woman were happy to fulfill my request and as I thanked them they thanked me for being here and wanted to know where I was from, what brought me here and if I had everything I needed for my coffee and breakfast. They were genuinely nice. Nice is good nice makes a difference nice is Northern Maine.

As I was filling my coffee mug, they joined me at the buffet as they continued to set out breakfast. I asked them both how long it would take me to get to Fort Kent? The guy said about an hour and a half. The woman agreed and insisted that I - 'Be careful of moose they're out this time of year and be sure to pee in Caribou. After that it's all woods and I've peed in those woods before!'

Great words to live by when travelling in the County. Not a conversation you would have in LA or most parts of the world in fact. That's why I love Maine.


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