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Til death do us part

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Lately I've heard stories from various people who came close to death. That experience shaped the people they are today.

One person was featured in a TED talk about being on board the plane that Captain Sully safely landed in the Hudson. In those moments before that landing and subsequent rescue, he stared down death. That experience changed his life.

A car accident 17 years ago this month changed mine. I survived, and I shouldn't have. I was given another chance and more time to be here. I decided to try my darnedest not to waste any of it or take it for granted!

Not to sound morbid, but guess what we're all staring down death! We all think we have time to do this or that. The reality is, we don't know how much time we do have. So think about what you would change in your life if you knew your time was short. How would that impact your decisions, relationships, work and what's important to you?

This is supposed to be a business column, so let's go there first. Are you thinking that maybe 'one day' you will go into business for yourself? That maybe 'one day' you will pursue that great idea? That maybe 'one day' you will find wok you love? Ask yourself, why you're waiting for that 'one day' when you don't know how many 'one days' you have left?

Granted, it's not easy to make major job changes, and striking out on your own is a risk. But if you have a dream, if you know that being in business for yourself or a new career will truly make you happy, ask yourself how you can make that 'one day' start today!

My rule for making a career change is this: If I dread Monday mornings with a passion, it's time to do something else! Life is just too short to spend your days unhappy. We all have natural born skills and talents. Finding work or a business that makes the best use of the 'best of you' will make Sunday nights and your life so much happier and less stressful!

As our lives get busier and more frantic this holiday season, let's try to focus on what's truly important. I'll share my holiday 'life is short' list with the hopes that it makes you think about yours.

  • I will say please and thank you as often as possible
  • I will help out a stranger who needs an extra hand even if it makes me late for something
  • I will never end a phone call with my family without saying, 'I love you'
  • I will hug people I love and even some people I like
  • I will tell people I appreciate them
  • I will write more thank you notes
  • I will do work I love
  • I will not let my work become more important than my relationships
  • I will laugh at myself when I fumble and get back up and try it again
  • I will do my very best not to invite unnecessary drama into my life or create it in someone else's
  • I will give back more than I get
  • I will appreciate those who have done so much for me and pay it forward again and again
  • I will push myself past my comfort zone as often as possible
  • I will not wait to use that special something I've been 'saving' for the right time
  • I will take care of myself so that I can care for others
  • I will wake up grateful for another day and make the very best of it
  • I will never stop believing in magic and miracles (and Santa)


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