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Stay humble, rock star

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The Augusta Civic Center was all warmed up when Matchbox 20 took the stage to perform to an excited crowd of Mainers on a recent snowy March evening. Front man Rob Thomas and the band have reunited to release their new album 'North,' and Augusta was a stop on their tour to promote the album. Since this is a business column, not a music review column, I won't discuss their performance (yes, it was fantastic) or stage presence (yes, it was awesome) or Rob Thomas (yes, he's hot). What I will discuss is their humility.

I was so struck by their genuine gratitude to the audience. Throughout their performance, they created an intimate atmosphere and repeatedly thanked us for supporting them. They thanked us for sticking with them for all these years so they can continue to do the job they love.

I was a fan of MB20 before I'm a much bigger fan now! They've achieved great success, yet they remain so humble and grateful for it - a lesson for all of us. We often forget that bands like MB20 and other successful performers all started out like the rest of us: with a dream and putting one foot in front of the other. 

Whatever business or profession you may be in. You too can be a rock star. But it won't happen without other people supporting you along the way. No one accomplishes great success alone.  Achieving success can be a very long and winding road, and we can only plan our path and direction to a point. It requires a lot of hard work, a little luck, being in the right place at the right time and other people supporting and encouraging us. Always remember that many successful bands and businesses started as one person with an idea, a passion for doing something and a dream.

It's so important to remember to say 'thank you' to every single person who has played a part in your success. There are no 'little' people! Every single person who has ever bought a ticket to see your show, bought your album or product, paid you for your services, told you they think you're great, told others they think you're great, encouraged you to follow your dreams, cheered you on when you scored your big break or picked you up when you fell down - every single one of them deserves your gratitude. Thank them, appreciate them and pay it forward to help others achieve their dreams of success.

Thank you to Matchbox 20 for reminding us to remain humble no matter how successful we become. It takes other people to get you there and to keep you there. So as you work to achieve your chart topping success, remember to always remain humble, thankful and grateful to all those people who helped get you there. Share the spotlight with them they deserve it!


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