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Slacking is good for business

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I read a Facebook post from a business owner who said he and his family were about to end their 'stay-cation' and gear their business back up for the new year. He further reflected on feeling burned out after a hectic holiday season and how they needed a break. I can relate. I too have taken a January break from my business, and now I'm feeling ready to fire it up for the new year.

I remember my years operating businesses in Bar Harbor and how necessary it was to rest and recover during the winter months to get ready to take on another busy season. Rest and recovery is good for you and for your business. But too often we feel that to be successful we have to keep going at a fast pace. This can lead to burn out. Similar to resting our bodies after a hard work out - resting from your business can help you become stronger and better prepared to take on the many challenges owning a business brings.

That said, it's not easy for business owners to take time off. We live, eat and sleep our businesses. We may also not be able to afford time off. My business is somewhat seasonal, and winter is my slow time - the perfect time to rest, reflect and re-charge. Your business season may be different. Regardless, if you can take some time off, do it! If your business operates at full tilt year round, try to schedule some vacation time. I guarantee you won't regret it!

Taking a break from your business allows you time to 'heal,' to rest and re-group. It also provides an opportunity to reflect and consider the big picture, rather than focus on the day to day details of operating your business. It's not time wasted, but rather time that will make you more productive and you will run your business smarter when you do get back to business. Sometimes you need to drop anchor in order to chart your best course.

If you're thinking, 'Yeah, right! How am I ever going to take a break from my business?' take out your 2013 calendar right now and plan time away. If you don't, it won't happen! It might be a week or simply a long weekend. It might be a month during your slow season. Don't feel like it's a waste of time or feel guilty about taking the time off. Your business will not only survive it will thrive when you return rested, with fresh ideas, perspective and a clear direction as you head into your next business chapter.

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