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SKOWHEGAN - Skowhegan Savings Bank's Charitable Foundation has announced to make matching grants in the amount of $50,000 towards the construction of the elevator addition on the west side of the Skowhegan Free Public Library. These grants bring Skowhegan Savings Bank's Charitable Foundation total contributions to the library's renovation project, a project started in 2007, to $150,000. The elevator's construction represents the final phase in the repair, restoration and renovation of the 1889 library building.

'We are very excited to help bring this project across the finish line,' remarked John Witherspoon, president of Skowhegan Savings Bank. 'The Library is a cornerstone of our community and this project will assure its vibrancy for years to come.'

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 19:19

People on the Move (01-27-2016)

Written by Wire Reports

Khoury assumes presidency of Unity College

Higher education leader tapped to continue innovation at America's Environmental College

UNITY When Dr. Melik Peter Khoury assumes the presidency at Unity College this morning, he will bring in an international and innovative perspective to the highest office at America's Environmental College.

Khoury's goals include continuing the school's positive four-year enrollment trend, continuing to upgrade and repurpose student-centered facilities for their highest and best use, expanding access to a Unity College education to nontraditional learners of all ages, nationalities and creeds, and realigning the administration to inculcate sustainability and 'leadership in abundance' at every level of the operation.

No matter what industry, most organizations experience a business crisis at some point in their existence whether it might be a data breach, a viral social media slam or a mass email glitch. The best way to deal with a crisis, of course, is to anticipate and prevent it with a solid crisis management plan. Even without a plan, however, a crisis doesn't have to be disastrous to your brand.

In fact, if handled gracefully, it may earn your brand even more loyalty and support in the long run.

Wednesday, 01 May 2013 11:49

What is your mission?

Written by Deb Neuman

Deal breakers. We all have them especially when talking about relationships. But we should also have them when it comes to our business and professional lives. Not only should we have them we should know what they are! I once interviewed Ben & Jerry's and learned that the ice cream they've been making and we've loved for years is much more than ice cream. Every pint represents Ben & Jerry's values and mission as a company. If you visit their website you'll find this:


Wednesday, 24 April 2013 15:01

Let kids play

Written by Deb Neuman

This column is dedicated to all the parents who let their kids be who they are. 

Last week I boarded a plane from New York City back to Maine. I sat next to a nice young man and we began to chat. I soon learned that he was returning home to Maine from a business trip to South Carolina. I asked him what kind of work he did, to which he replied, 'I'm a traveling pastry chef.' I was intrigued.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 14:34

When cupid strikes

Written by Deb Neuman

We've all heard the saying, 'Cupid will strike when you're not looking.' I'm not entirely sure that's true although it all remains very much a mystery to me. What I do know is that inspiration often strikes when we least expect it. I discovered this recently as I was working on a new design for my jewelry business. I've been struggling with an idea for months. I had a design idea in my head, but the process of bringing it to life just seemed to miss the mark for one reason or another. Design is much like love it can't be forced. It's either right or it isn't. So it's been many months of trying then failing repeatedly. This has left me with scores of materials that will be tossed out and many hours of time invested.

Wednesday, 03 April 2013 12:51

Are you stinky?

Written by Deb Neuman

On a recent shopping excursion I walked into a boutique-style store and immediately was transported back to my grandmother's southern California house. I have not experienced that smell for decades! I have no idea why that store took me back there, but it made me feel so warm and cozy that I didn't want to leave! Needless to say, I stayed for quite a while and dropped a few bucks (more than I had planned) as a result.

I later walked into a gourmet wine/cheese store and all I smelled was dog. Not in a pleasant way more like in a wet dog, stale, mildew kind of way. My eyes were attracted to the large selection of wines that were well merchandised but the powerful scent of wet dog was so overwhelming that the experience of my nose trumped the experience of my eyes. I could not get out of there fast enough.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 13:57

Even the big guys can be fools

Written by Deb Neuman

This April Fool's BIZ column is intended to make you feel a lot better about all the marketing mistakes you've made in your business or work. Major corporations that employ well-educated and well-paid marketing professionals have made their share of mistakes, too. Here are some of the most epic corporate marketing boo-boos.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 13:57

Keeping the engine of your business running

Written by Deb Neuman

I was driving to a meeting recently when my car decided to stop. When I tried to restart it, nothing happened. So I had Ms. Jetta towed to the dealer. My guys at Darlings started her right up (naturally)! But they knew I had a problem and performed diagnostics. Sure enough, the problem was with a relay sensor that had gone bad. They explained to me in terms I could understand that this led to a breakdown in communications with the engine. Bottom line: there was miscommunication going on under my hood that was causing my car to stop when I wanted it to go.   


Wednesday, 13 March 2013 16:41

Just start

Written by Deb Neuman

I've been running solo for a while training to run a half marathon in April. I've been able to log eight miles consistently, and every time I feel a little bit stronger. But last weekend I ran in a 5k race and I felt like a mule trying to sludge through a muddy field carrying a load of firewood. Seriously I was slow.   

This was my first race this year, and I forgot one critical thing don't try to be like the others. Find your own pace and stick with it! I made the mistake of starting out too fast to keep up with the faster runners and lost my mojo about halfway through. I should know better!   

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