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Olympic dreams

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I was watching the Olympics swimming heats with my nephew, when at one point he turned to his mother and said, 'I'll never make it to the Olympics.' His Mom (aka my sister) replied, 'If you think about the Olympics, that's too big just think about your next meet and then the next and do the best you can.' I pointed out that the Olympic athletes likely started swimming in their neighborhood pools and swim clubs, and they just kept on swimming!

Woody is 10 years old and he loves to swim. He and his little sister both swim competitively and have accumulated a nice collection of medals and trophies. They were riveted watching the Olympic swimmers and talked about the strokes, lane placements and what it takes to be an Olympian. I talked about how success starts with one stroke, one dream and lots of hard work. That the Olympic athletes didn't get there without a lot of commitment, work, sacrifice and a love for what they do.

We reminded Woody that it's possible to become an Olympian if that's the goal he chooses. But it happens in steps by achieving small goals along the way. If he chooses to set that goal for himself, he can achieve it. But it will require commitment and sacrifice. Olympians and entrepreneurs rarely find success overnight. It's one step, one goal, one race at a time.

Too often we're so daunted by the thought of achieving Olympic style success; we don't even try. We forget that greatness comes from small victories and failures along the way. It's all about perseverance, attitude, commitment - and having a little talent doesn't hurt either! Whether it be in sport or business, find your 'lane' your 'niche' - and just keep swimming, one stroke at a time. You might achieve gold one day!


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