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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 20:40

No more excuses

What is the one thing that you think you could never do, but would really love to say that you did? Skydive? Travel overseas? Conquer one of your fears? Climb a mountain? Go diving in the ocean? Have you come up with a million and one excuses why you're putting it off? 

Time to stop making excuses and start doing. I always have something to work towards to motivate me and to challenge myself. I recently crossed one of those items off my list and I wanted to share it with all of you in hopes that it will inspire you to start crossing items off of yours. No more excuses.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 21:54

Why Buy Professional?

How many times have you left your salon and your hairdresser feeling and looking like a million bucks? The next day, you shower and attempt to style your hair exactly the same way only to quickly discover that it looks absolutely nothing like it did when they did it. Wonder why that is? Well, here are a few reasons.

Your stylist does this for a living, all day, every day. We are trained and experienced in all things hair. This is always a factor in this equation that you can't change. Hairdressers have the knowledge and experience along with the advantage of being at a completely different angle while styling your hair. There is a bit of truth to your feeling that you could never style it like him/her at home - you just can't. That said, a few things should happen in order to make your styling at home easier so that you can make sure your new haircut and/or color looks its best at home. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 22:54

Dry enough for you?

Summer always goes by way too fast for me, and even though I love fall here in Maine, it is hard to say goodbye to warm summer nights and days at the beach. There is one area that I know is still telling us all how much fun you had this summer in the sun, and that is your hair. Is it looking a little dry, maybe a little too blonde? Summer sun, heat and humidity all take a toll on our hair. Don't fret; there are many options for you.

The biggest thing I see right now is hair that is just a little too bleached out from the sun. Even you brunettes suffer from this. I recommend adding some darker color back into your hair through foils to keep the dimension in your hair alive and well. Remember, we live in a three-dimensional world and your hair color should be too. When I say darker, I simply mean to add any color darker than what you have currently. This is also a fun way to play and maybe add a little bit of a color that you haven't tried. Fall is here, so bring on the shades of red, gold and orange. Go ahead, try it!

Wednesday, 04 September 2013 10:07

Do you have what it takes?

Many people tell me that they think my job would be fun. I can't argue with that. I believe that I have the best job in the world. I love that something that is a simple as a hairstyle can change someone's or just brighten their day. 

These are the reasons I chose cosmetology. But as wonderful as my job is, it also comes with a lot of things that many don't realize. Here are a few questions to ponder before signing up to become a licensed cosmetologist. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 23:20

Hair happens in Vegas

I just got back from the Paul Mitchell signature gathering in Las Vegas. I and five other stylists from my salon saved our pennies and made the trek out there to learn the latest and greatest styles and tricks to bring back to our clients. 

Many clients are going to ask us about 'the' trend we observed in cut and color. Color is the trend and lots of it! Bright, lived in, ombre, blonde, dark, red, pastel - you name it, it's there. The trend is to have color in your hair and for it to look shiny and healthy. In fact, Paul Mitchell is about to launch a new color line to give you all just that! Shines XG is coming, and the results I saw were amazing. 

Thursday, 01 August 2013 11:46

You say tomato

Differences of opinion are the rule in many areas of life - and most definitely with your hair. Many of you, I am sure, have gone to get your hair done and come out with something different than you expected. Whether the difference is small or great, it is frustrating on both ends. As a stylist, I want to make your day every time you see me. I want you to love what I did for you. Why else would I go to work every day? 

Communication is the key in any relationship - especially the relationship you have with your hair stylist. What you think of as a pixie may be closer to what is technically a bob. You may have brought in a picture of a style or color you like, but it still may not have turned out as you hoped. Why, do you ask? Lack of a thorough consultation and communication are often to blame. If you said, 'I want a pixie,' I would ask you to show me and tell me exactly what you consider a pixie. You may have wanted chocolate brown hair, but that's not what you see in the mirror. Your best friend sees gold you see red. Someone is not happy, and I bet it is going to be you. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013 20:45

Beat the green

The Summer heat wave has hit us for sure. I love this weather. Hopefully many of you are able to get outside and enjoy the short summer season that we get here in Maine - and the best way to beat the heat is to hit the pool.  

Many of us spend an awful lot of time in the pool because you are lucky enough to have one or you have a super cool friend who has one (like me). If you have not noticed a green tinge in your hair or your kids' hair by now, you will before summer is over. Blondes definitely are more prone to this than those with other hair colors. It usually grabs onto the driest part of the hair, which is the ends. The good news? There are ways to prevent it and ways to get rid of it.

Thursday, 18 July 2013 09:55

Let's talk skin

What is the first thing people see? Your beautiful face of course! Are you taking care of it? Thought about what will happen when you don't? Wrinkles or worse - sun damage! I don't know about you, but I am all set with that. Put your best face forward and take care of your skin!

I bet most of you don't think twice when you see the perfect pair of shoes or handbag. You have to have it, and you'll pay top dollar. It's time to have that attitude about your skin. Start taking preserving your best asset and your personal billboard to the world. Invest in a good quality skin care regime and use sunscreen every day. Those shoes and bag are going to be outdated in a few months - don't let your face be.

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 11:56

Fighting frizz

The lazy days of summer are upon us. We all have felt the humidity in the air lately, haven't we? We have an extended amount of daylight right now, and I believe you should spend it wisely - not in the bathroom trying to fix your hair. Maine summers are just too short to be fussing over your hair, but humidity causes a challenge when it comes to styling hair. You can fight it, or you can stop trying so hard.

Put up the hair dryer for the summer. You're just going to sweat to death while you use it anyways. Hang it up and let it stay there until fall. I suggest turning on the fan in your room while you get ready. Let your hair catch some fresh air for the summer and air dry it. Humidity causes frizz, and adding more heat to it from your hair dryer isn't going to help. I also scrunch my hair while on my way to work with the ac cranked and the windows cracked. You may chuckle at this, but I get the most compliments on my own hair when I have done nothing but let it do its thing that particular day. This will be true for you too, I promise.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 17:03

Ask Gina

Common questions get answered

How do you know when it's time for a new style, or maybe even a new hairdresser?

This can be a tricky situation. Personally, I always let my clients know that need to tell me if they are unhappy. You have to communicate with your stylist. If you are unhappy with your hair or you want change, you should voice that to them. Your stylist should also be checking in with you and suggesting changes every now and again to keep your look updated. You should feel amazing when you leave the salon. You also should leave the salon knowing you had a great experience and feel that you want to go back. If either of those things are not true for you, you need a new hairstyle and/or a new hairdresser!

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