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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:04

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Although this recipe may look as though it would be for breakfast, why not enjoy this spicy egg dish any time? While it contains no meat, you will find this to be satisfying and you won't have to look down at the scale afterwards. If desired, grill a slab of ham or enjoy with some toasted English muffins.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 16:23

Grab the milk!

Ahhh. That's all I can say about these cookies. A mainstay of every household with children I know of, it should be in your home as well. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy these goodies because the weather is cool enough for these to set and not leave melted chocolate on every piece of furniture in the house.

I realize everyone has their own rendition of no bake cookies, but try mine. These are perfectly able to withstand even the harshest of critics. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 15:36

To each his own

Some of you may not be thrilled with this recipe, while others may take a gamble and try them as is. While the sauce is optional, at least you've learned how to make fried pickles. Me?!?! I can't stand the things - until I gave it some thought.

I adore pickles in every manner imaginable, except deep fried. So the other night I began thinking of how I could enjoy them other than on a burger or a hot dog. Voila! I made this and now I love fried pickles, prepared my way! The cheesy, mustardy sauce laden with cooked, chopped hot dogs was absolutely perfect as a dip for the pickles. If hot dogs aren't your thing, simply substitute grilled, drained and chopped up, cooked burger mixed in with the sauce. Either way, I am hooked as I think you will be too.


Wednesday, 03 April 2013 13:20

A great Greek classic

I adore Greek cuisine, and I have a lifelong ambition to someday visit that great nation. The ancient culture has intrigued me since I was a child, the language has grabbed my attention ever since I learned the Greek alphabet as a teen, and the food makes me want to fly there just to taste authentic spanakopita. But if I can't jump on my jet (yet), at least I can give you a recipe for this dish that is both easy to prepare and delightful to enjoy.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013 14:39

There is no argument

Food historians have been arguing about the origin of tarte Tatins almost since its origination. To The Yankee Chef, it is quite clear. At the Hotel Tatin in France, two sisters by the names of Stephanie and Caroline Tatin were both cooks and were in charge of the desserts on a daily basis. One day Stephanie was making an apple dessert and had forgotten about the apples she had been cooking in butter on the stovetop. Thinking she shouldn't waste them, she quickly added a rolled-out pastry dough on top of the apples and stuck the skillet in the oven, hoping to be able to at least create a caramelized apple pastry. When she removed the skillet from the oven and turned it out onto a plate, she was surprised that it wasn't burnt at all and that everything came out perfectly. Ever since that day, this upside-down tarte has been a best seller at the hotel, and with global appeal.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013 17:15

Corn and cheese?

If there ever was a cheese that fits perfectly with corn, it would be fontina. It is similar to gruyere and emmental in texture when melted and has a slight nuttiness. But it is the great buttery flavor that makes this cheese not only great with vegetables such as corn, but the first choice in fondutas, which is the Italian version of our fondue. 

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 16:58

Who'd have guessed?

I have made many a meatball with grape jelly as an accent, mostly because my kids love them. So I have taken it a step further with a dessert. You would have thought grape jelly would have made its way into a dessert before the savory meatball, but nooooo, we had to be different. The addition of jelly in this recipe is extraordinarily well-suited. Not only does it melt well, but when it starts to cool slightly, it transforms back to its original state, giving this dessert (as well as others) a glaze that is out of this world.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 15:08

This is home

Nothing in my repertoire says Yankee, comfort and home quite like bean Swagan. It was the very first dish Dad ever taught me (behind biscuits) to make when I was 14. I have enjoyed it ever since. All us Yankee Chefs have stood by one recipe through the years, only making Swagan with beans, ham, ketchup and water. That's it! So what do I do? Now that my mentors are gone, I am Yanking this thick soup, by adding some great sausage I get from and a vegetable or two. If you prefer not to add ketchup, use tomato sauce instead. But I find the spices in ketchup fit perfectly with recipe, as did two generations before me. So if anyone rolls their eyes because this isn't a gourmet ingredient so what!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 15:01

A great weekend breakfast

Eggs Florentine is classically made as below, but with Mornay sauce poured over the top. Although I truly love Mornay (cheese sauce made with Parmesan and another cheese), I wanted to go healthy, just for one morning. I added some grated cheese with the spinach so you won't miss the taste of cheese, yet feel just a little better leaving out the extra calories.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 15:22

A midwestern fried rice

Who among us doesn't enjoy fried rice? Be it pork, chicken, shrimp or vegetarian fried rice, I have enjoyed it as a meal at lunchtime all by itself. As odd as it sounds, fried rice here on the East coast differs from that in the Midwest. For some reason, Asian restaurants along the Atlantic serve rice much darker than that in the Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota region. They are more apt to add "lite" soy sauce, which gives it a lighter appearance. Good idea. Who could use a little less salt in their diet but keep the flavor? I could!

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