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Your logo (or brand) is the first thing a prospective customer sees. It can speak volumes about your company in the space of a few seconds. Consider this scenario: A potential contact is flipping through a magazine and catches a glimpse of your logo on an advertisement. You haven't had a chance to speak with them; they haven't visited your location or seen your product; they don't know your staff or salespeople; they probably haven't even read a word of your marketing copy - but that prospect has already made a judgment about your organization. And that snap judgment has a profound effect on whether or not they will consider doing business with you. You might offer products and services that are a perfect fit for them - but if your brand does not resonate with a potential customer, oftentimes they will never bother to dig deeper and discover that compatibility.

A smart marketer (and business owner) understands the value of a carefully-crafted brand image. It is the foundation on which all other marketing efforts are built. A poorly-executed or ill-fitting brand can sabotage an otherwise excellent product or campaign, simply because it fails to resonate with the target audience - imagine an expensive, high-quality box of hand-crafted chocolates with a picture of a cartoon bear on the wrapper. Yet many business owners make the mistake of rushing their logo. They go for the cheapest quote, accept the first design that looks halfway decent and call it a day. Don't make that mistake. Here are some tips to nailing the perfect brand.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011 11:39

Website Design and Development 101

Part1: Do HTML and CSS websites still have a place on the web?

Business owners and managers looking to update, redesign or develop a new website are faced with some basic, yet essential, questions before starting the project. In my agency, we help many current and prospective clients understand what the best course of action is for their business goals and budget. In this article and the next three of this series, I will attempt to clarify some basic questions with the help of my Web Designer, Ian Marquis. So let's start with the very basic option first: HTML/CSS.

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