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For the fifth week in a row, one of the male contestants on Survivor: Philippines was sent packing. Twenty four year old Carter Williams of Kansas had nowhere to hide at tribal council after he failed to win immunity. He and Abi were the only players on the island not in an alliance with anyone. Viewers watched as Williams desperately scrambled to try and convince Skupin, Malcolm, Denise and Lisa to keep him over Abi. But the remaining players agreed he was just too likable and strong to remain in the game. I recently spoke with Williams who was bummed he missed out on the million dollar prize.

Wednesday, 05 December 2012 16:15

Sensory friendly events coming to Bangor & Brewer

BANGOR/BREWER - The lights, music, surround sound and the newest box office hit is what attracts many movie goers to theaters, but those are the exact things that keep a portion of our society from enjoying this great American past time. Over the summer, Bangor Mall Cinemas showed a gentle viewing or sensory friendly version of the Pixar flick "Brave" for families that have children with autism, ADHD or sensory issues. The staff offered a daytime version of the film with the lights on, the sound down and allowed attendees to walk around the theater during the movie. It was a successful event that now has area families wanting more.

BANGOR - It's been a busy fall for the Bangor Humane Society, which competed in this year's ASPCA Rachel Ray $100K Challenge. As part of the competition, the shelter and its staff were given the challenge of finding forever homes for 300 or more animals than the amount of animals they adopted out from Aug. through Oct. 31, 2011. And during the last month of the competition, the Bangor Humane Society discovered it was one of three shelters in the running for the challenge's $25,000 Community Engagement Award.

Wednesday, 05 December 2012 15:11

New business is a-groomin' in Brewer

Lee's Outback Grooming opens in North Brewer Plaza

BREWER - Lee Kraemer Hanscom of Orrington has some very hairy customers walking through the doors of his new business these days, and that's just what he was hoping for. This dog groomer decided to venture out and open his own salon, Lee's Outback Grooming, in the North Brewer Plaza after working and training at Petco.

"I've always wanted to have my own grooming business. I didn't care for the corporate setting. There wasn't a lot of leeway, and I wanted to offer things that corporate places couldn't offer at a much more affordable price," Hanscom explained.

Friday, 30 November 2012 09:40

Second 'Survivor' returnee voted off

From the start of the season, Survivor Philippines has been swarmed in controversy since the show's producers decided to let three previously medically evacuated players from past seasons have the opportunity to return to the game for a chance to finish what they started. Those returnees include 50-year-old Jonathan Penner of Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Micronesia fame, 50-year-old Michael Skupin of Survivor: Australian Outback and 45-year-old Russell Swan of Survivor: Samoa.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 23:30

BIA offers rewards to frequent flyers

BANGOR - Flying in and out of Bangor International Airport is not just convenient, it's now also rewarding. The airport recently teamed up with Thanks Again, a loyalty program that rewards frequent flyers in the form of points and mileage towards their next purchase.

"We're excited passengers will not only be able to earn points and miles when they shop and fly here in the airport but outside the airport as well," explained Jay Ellis, senior vice president of Thanks Again.

If there was ever a divide among the players of 'Survivor: Philippines', it was made known last week - Abi and her ally, Pete, against everyone else. That divide was made evidently clear to viewers when Abi and the three younger players won the reward challenge which consisted of a spa day and island buffet; something Abi continued to gloat about upon returning to camp where the remaining contestants were filling their bellies with nothing but rice. However, the very vocal L.A. resident was able to dodge elimination for one more week during tribal council, but the same could not be said for 24-year-old Pete Yurkowski of New Jersey.

Artis Silvester of Louisiana beat cancer and survived divorce but that luck didn't follow him into the game of 'Survivor'. The 53-year-old aligned himself with fellow Tandang members Pete and Abi-Maria while tribe mates Lisa Whelchel and Survivor returnee Mike Skupin opened themselves up to the possibility of voting with the remaining players, unbeknownst to Silvester.

Mainer helps hurricane victims

BANGOR - Superstorm Sandy may have passed Maine by, but residents in New York and New Jersey were still dealing with its aftermath weeks after it made landfall. New York native Fran Folnsbee, who now lives in Winterport, couldn't stand to watch the devastation on her TV any longer and decided to stock up on supplies and collect donations to drive down to her family and others in need in the Long Island area.

"I was going to go down just to bring my parents gas," Folnsbee said. "Then I figured if I was going, I might as well bring something with me and looked into getting a U-Haul."

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 23:35

Hermon resident slips into the shoe market

Mom creates wearable, walking art

HERMON - A Hermon mother of three has found a unique way to make a little bit of money without leaving the comforts of home. Angela Erickson created Artsy Pants Boutique last May, and since then she's created numerous pieces of wearable art using nothing more than sneakers and Sharpie markers.

"I buy Converse shoes [on the web] or have people give me gently used shoes - because I know how expensive shoes can be - and then I draw free hand," Erickson explained.

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