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The Gota tribe appears to have run into a string of bad luck on the CBS reality show Survivor: Caramoan. For the second time in a row, the team lost the immunity challenge to the veteran Survivor players that make up the Bikal tribe. And that meant another trip to tribal council where one of their team mates would be voted off. However, the participants had a difficult time agreeing who should be the next to go and split the vote evenly between Hope Driskill of Missouri, Eddie Fox of New Jersey and Shamar Thomas of New York. So, the teammates had to have a re-vote where Driskill, Fox, and Thomas were not allowed to weigh in. Once the votes were tallied, 23-year-old Driskill was sent packing. I recently spoke with the Missouri native who was thrilled to have participated in Survivor, even if it was short-lived.


It appears the Gota tribe on the CBS reality show Survivor: Caramoan is a team divided rather than a team united. The 10 team mates were sent to tribal council after losing the immunity challenge to the former Survivor players that make up the Bikal tribe. 

In the season's second episode, viewers saw Reynold reveal to the entire tribe that he found the hidden immunity idol. But tempers flared more over the laziness of Shamar, an Iraq war veteran, who appears to be using his time in the game as a vacation rather than contributing to camp life and winning challenges. When the votes were cast, Shamar was spared by one vote. However, the same couldn't be said for Allie Pohevitz, a 25-year-old bartender from New York. I recently spoke with Pohevitz about her time on the show and whether or not she was blindsided by the tribe's vote to send her home.

BANGOR - The Greater Bangor Bark For Life committee is once again encouraging all canines and their caregivers to gather at the Hollywood Casino Raceway in Bangor this summer to help the American Cancer Society take a bite out of cancer. At this Relay For Life event, dog lovers form teams, collect donations and meet to walk one lap around the track with their four-legged friends by their side.

"Bark For Life allows dog lovers to come together to help find a cure for cancer which affects not only people, but pets too," explained Elizabeth Tilton, Bark For Life committee member. "With the smaller time commitment [than a typical Relay For Life all-nighter] and the other dog lovers you meet, this is unlike any other cancer-fighting event you will see."


Rather than reinvent the wheel, CBS's Survivor decided to put together another season of 'Fans vs. Favorites.' It's where the reality show's most avid followers get a chance to compete against some of their favorite contestants from past seasons - all in hopes of winning one million dollars. This season, the show takes place in the Caramoan Islands. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 15:16

Unity College offers Maine made MOOmilk on campus


UNITY - Unity College is not only teaching its students about agriculture and environmental sustainability, it's also providing real life examples of area farmers and businesses that are successfully making a living at it, like MOOmilk. The organic, Maine-based dairy beverage is now a staple in the school's dining commons.

"Having the opportunity to change what is such a basic food item in our dining hall really does touch every student," explained Sara Trunzo, food & farm projects coordinator at Unity College. "The day we launched MOOmilk, students couldn't help but be aware that this was a different product."

"It tastes better," said Shayne Van Leer, Unity College senior. "I think regular milk is pasteurized at higher temperatures for a short period. MOOmilk is pasteurized at lower temperatures for longer. It's the only milk I buy."

Thursday, 27 December 2012 21:02

Bangor dog park opens

BANGOR - It may be winter, but that isn't stopping folks and their four-legged friends from enjoying a day at the park. Earlier this month, the Bangor Dog Park, located on Watchmaker Street, officially opened its gates to visitors and their canines.

"We've had nothing but positive feedback," said Dawnette Carver, acting administrator for the Bangor Dog Park volunteer group. "Phase one, which is the small dog yard, is complete. And we wanted to have something for the large dogs to play in in the winter, so right now the large dog area is only one third of the size it'll be when finished."

Thursday, 20 December 2012 13:06

Bangor car dealership shines bright

Darling's gets into holiday spirit with over 22,000 lights

BANGOR - There's quite a glow coming from the Darling's car dealership on the Sylvan Road, and it's not from the shiny new and used cars and trucks on the lot. The Bangor car dealership decided to go all out this holiday season and decorate its Honda Nissan Volvo shop in over 22,000 Christmas lights.

"We always try to do something fun this time of year," said Ron Russell, director of Bangor operations at Darling's. "We really wanted to do something entertaining that will thrill our customers, friends and neighbors for the entire month, not just an hour.'

She was a member of all three tribes, went to every single tribal council and never found a hidden immunity idol during her 39 days on Survivor: Philippines, yet Denise Stapley of Iowa was still able to outwit, outlast and outplay all the other contestants to become this season's sole Survivor. She sat beside Lisa Welchel and Michael Skupin in the final and when the votes were tallied, the jury felt Stapley played a better game than both Welchel and Skupin. I recently spoke to the final three contestants to get their view on how this season's game played out.

Friday, 14 December 2012 09:48

And then there were four...

'Survivor: Philippines' nearing an end

Late in the game, Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, of Los Angeles, California learned she was the most disliked player in this season's 'Survivor:Philippines'. But with the help of a hidden immunity idol, an alliance, and a little luck, this outspoken Brazilian managed to hang in the game until this week.

Malcolm, Denise, Lisa and Skupin all talked about the strategic advantages of keeping Gomes around to the end, but at tribal council the final four unified and unanimously wrote her name down as the next player to go home. I recently spoke with Gomes who shared what viewers saw throughout the show was just one layer of Abi-Maria.

BANGOR - There are many differences between Maine and Chechnya, but a group of Chechnya citizens who recently visited the state believe they can take what they've learned here and share it with their country.

"I've seen and heard Maine is not the wealthiest state in the U.S., but we've met all kinds of people like politicians and farmers who work hard every day," said Zarman Amkhatovna Makhadzhiyeva, a coordinator for a human rights organization in Chechnya.

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