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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 10:43

Patriots Progress Report - Halftime

The 2011 season is proving to be quite a roller coaster ride for the New England Patriots. This team has Jekyll and Hyde written all over it. Sure the team is sitting at 5-3, but they've lost their last two games. They've got one of the most prolific offenses in the league (although that squad has sputtered a bit in recent weeks), but they've also got a defense that, at least at the halfway point, appears to have the potential to be historically inept.

Of course, there's still plenty of football to be played. While the offense likely isn't quite as good as it looked early in the season, odds are that the defense isn't nearly as bad.

On to the Progress Report:

Wednesday, 09 November 2011 12:02

High-rise hilarity with Tower Heist'

Action comedy pairs heists and hijinks

Sometimes, there's nothing quite like a good heist movie. The intrigue, the elaborate plans, the witty repartee - it all adds up to an enjoyable moviegoing experience. Honestly, even when a heist movie is kind of bad, it's still pretty good.

Thus bringing us to 'Tower Heist,' the latest from director Brett Ratner.

Wednesday, 09 November 2011 11:46

Happy holidays from Harold and Kumar

Christmas comedy crude and clever

Living as we do in the era of sequels, prequels and gritty reboots, I suppose I should have been less surprised to hear that there was yet another Harold and Kumar movie in the works. Still, I was hesitant to say the least. Sure, I enjoyed the first two movies, but time passes and tastes change. Would this movie still have the same appeal?

Yes and no, as it turns out.

Wednesday, 09 November 2011 10:14

Living in the past - 11/22/63'

New King novel explores the possibilities of changing history

What if the past wasn't as immutable as we believe? What if you could go back and set right a terrible wrong? What if you could change what was, hence changing what is?

Those sorts of 'what ifs?' serve as the basis for Stephen King's latest novel '11/22/63' (Scribner, $35). With that date as the title, it should come as no surprise that the assassination of John F. Kennedy is the central 'what if' of this sprawling, epic story.

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 20:40

A marvelous time with the Wonderettes'

PTC's latest features harmony, humor and hubris

BANGOR - Looking for a nostalgic walk through a different time via the popular songs of the 1950s and 60s? Perhaps sprinkled with a few laughs, some pathos and a whole lot of harmony?

Then look no further than 'The Marvelous Wonderettes,' directed by Nathan Halverson. This latest production from Penobscot Theatre Company runs through Nov. 13 at the Bangor Opera House.

In 1958, the Marvelous Wonderettes are an all-girl singing quartet at Springfield High (Go Chipmunks!) who have been pressed into service as the entertainment for the prom after some questionable decisions by members of the glee club, who were originally going to perform.

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 20:36

Puss in Boots' almost purr-fect

Dreamworks film for kids, adults alike

I am unapologetic in my love for animated movies. Sure, they're aimed at children. So what? I'm just a kid at heart. Besides, companies like Pixar and Dreamworks have long been crafting multilayered animated extravaganzas that work on one level for the kiddies and a much different, more sophisticated level for us grown-ups.

If there was any doubt that 'Puss in Boots,' the latest offering from Dreamworks, would have that same dual sensibility, it was put to rest right from the opening moments, as we watch the title character dress himself and tiptoe away from a snoozing kitty and her pillow bed. We adults certainly register the naughty implications, but stuff like that barely registers with the youngsters.
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 20:28

The Rum Diary' worth a shot

Film more character study than story

As a longtime fan of the work of Hunter S. Thompson, I was thrilled to hear about the film adaptation of his early novel 'The Rum Diary.' However, when I then heard about how much difficulty the film had in finding a distributor, my excitement was tempered.

Overall, it could have been worse.

'The Rum Diary' has at its center journalist Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'), a mildly fictionalized version of Mr. Thompson. He goes to work for the San Juan Star in Puerto Rico in 1960, a tumultuous time for both the island and the people who live there. Kemp meets a motley crew of journalistic cast-offs and characters. Guys like Sala (Michael Rispoli, 'Kick-Ass') and Moberg (Giovanni Ribisi, 'Avatar'), a photographer and reporter respectively who have addled their brains with booze and drugs and largely settled into a life of low-rent hedonism. You've also got Lotterman (Richard Jenkins, 'Hall Pass'), the Star's editor/publisher and a guy who is clearly barely in control.

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 09:09

Why aren't you rioting?

Third annual Comedy Riot brings stand-up to Brewer

BREWER - Get ready to riot.

The third annual Comedy Riot will be descending on Brewer on Nov. 5 with two shows. The performances will be held at Jeff's Catering with shows starting at 7 and 9:30 pm.

'This will be our third show,' said event promoter Jeremy White. 'In our first year, we had 400 people turn up. Last year, that went up to 600. We're expecting another great crowd this year.'

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 16:11

Celebrity Slam - 11-02-11

Until death?

Everyone makes mistakes. Even famous people. However, there are varying levels of 'mistake.' Celebrity Slam isn't interested in your everyday accidents or errors in judgment. Nobody's perfect in this world; CS doesn't hold celebrities to a higher standard than anyone else. Just the same standard. It's when the spotlight seekers fail to live up to even that standard that they appear in this space.

This brings us to Kim Kardashian.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 14:26

All for none

The Three Musketeers' uninspired and uninteresting

There's nothing inherently wrong in adapting a classic story to the screen, even if it has been done numerous times before. There's a reason certain stories are classics - they're good stories. If someone has a new take to bring to a classic, why not take a shot?

However, too often these sorts of remakes are simple rehashes of what has gone before. Sure, there are some cosmetic differences and a few changes in style, but at their core, they're essentially the same movie. They simply cash in on the name recognition connected with the story, leaving audiences with nothing more than yet another steaming heap of mediocrity.

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