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Tommy Davidson’s dream job – ‘Vacation Creation’

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Comedian Tommy Davidson has been making people laugh for as long as he can remember. An MVP on Fox’s sketch comedy show “In Living Color” during its five-season run in the early 1990s, Davidson’s spot-on impressions (including Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson) and his ability to instinctively adapt to virtually any scenario led to a series of network comedy specials and a second career in movies. But his latest gig is unlike anything we’ve seen from Davidson.

Earlier this year, Davidson signed on with the CW Network for a new series called “Vacation Creation” where he and show co-host Andrea Feczko take families facing difficult life situations on tailored dream vacations in some of the world’s most exotic locations. There are laughs on the show (mostly from Davidson) to go with plenty of tears.

Davidson says he has seen more of the world this year than he ever imagined.  

“I’ve traveled to 46 countries since June and before the first season is finished, we will have visited 60 countries,” Davidson told me during a phone interview last week.

The families who receive these custom-designed vacations on “Vacation Creation,” in some cases, are going through extremely challenging and devastating circumstances, Davidson said.

“The last family we were with is from Wales and their little boy had been diagnosed with a very rare disease,” according to Davidson. “The doctors haven’t given him much time. We took the boy and his mom and dad and brothers on a vacation all over the Caribbean and they had the time of their life. The little boy hung out with the captain of the ship. He had private parties with the whole crew and we had a huge celebration for him in the beautiful theater they have on the ship. We covered every corner of the Caribbean and had the best time.”

Having a job which requires him to make people happy, Davidson told me, is the best of all possible occupations.  

“Are you kidding? You mean I get go with these wonderful people all over the world and see and do things they never thought possible and I get paid for that? There is no better job in the world,” he said. 

In most cases, Davidson said, he is experiencing these dream destinations for the first time himself.

“I’m as blown away by the experiences as our guests,” he said. “Before this show, I had never seen an arctic glacier or a whale or had gone sled-dog racing but we did all of that with this incredible family on a recent episode called ‘North to Alaska.’ I had never gone deep-sea diving in Polynesia with giant turtles but I got to do that and it was unforgettable.”

In the first season of “Vacation Creation,” Davidson said that he and Feczko have taken 15 families to different locations around the world.

“So far, all of those families are struggling with what everybody is struggling with – what life can throw you,” said Davidson.

With the show currently set to air throughout 2017, I asked Davidson to give me one takeaway from his experience with the show that has been a valuable personal lesson for him.

“I now know that there are other places on Earth besides Silver Spring, Maryland, which is where I’m from or Hollywood where I’ve spent a lot of time,” he responded.

“I have found places that are so beautiful, so serene and so relaxing, where people aren’t fighting traffic to get home. You know all of that manic energy that Americans seem to have? There are places on the planet where people aren’t trying to run in 15 different directions at once like we do. It’s been really refreshing to discover that.” 


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