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Tommy Davidson makes dreams come true on ‘Vacation Creation’

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Tommy Davidson makes dreams come true on ‘Vacation Creation’ (Photo courtesy of

“I’ve had worse jobs, you know?”

Comedian Tommy Davidson laughed as he talked about pulling into another exotic port to film an episode of “Vacation Creation,” the travel/adventure series hosted by Davidson and YouTube personality Andrew Feczko.

For the show’s second season, they have a new network (ABC) and a new lineup of individuals, couples and families who have weathered heartbreaking hardships, only to be transported to a variety of exotic dream destinations for some much-needed rest and relaxation. 

“We take deserving families around the world on dream vacations, and I mean around the world! We are going to some amazing places this season,” Davidson said last week during a phone interview.

“We’re excited to move to ABC this season,” he said. “There aren’t many changes to the show, other than the fact that more people are watching and we’re taking people to all-new places.”

From the Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire, England, to Cartagena, Columbia, to Rome, Greece, the Panama Canal and Samoa in the Polynesian South Pacific, Davidson says the show’s second season is a dream-come-true for the guests, as well as the hosts.

Davidson is no stranger to comedy fans. Through five seasons of Fox’s classic variety/sketch-comedy, “In Living Color” and a series of films and network comedy specials, Davidson’s spot-on impressions, broad range and impeccable timing have cemented his reputation as a remarkably versatile comic performer.

On “Vacation Creation,” Davidson still delivers laughs, but the spotlight is directed toward the show’s guests.

“Let’s face it. There is a lot of negativity in the world,” he said. “‘Vacation Creation’ is the antithesis of all that. On this show, deserving people have a great time, and make the best out of the hard times.”

The story of a firefighter from Georgia is one that Davidson said he’ll never forget.

“He went into a fire, and unbeknownst to him, there was a harmful chemical in the smoke,” he said. “He lapsed into a coma for four months. His family thought he was going to die.”

“Vacation Creation” took the man and his family on an Alaskan cruise.

“To symbolize the fact that he had beaten death, we took him to a Bald Eagle protection facility,” Davidson said. “They rescue eagles that had been caught in traps, or shot at, and they nurse them back to health. When this firefighter, who had been on death’s door, returned this beautiful eagle back to nature, the look on his face was just unbelievable. I’ll never forget it.”

Over the course of filming multiple episodes of “Vacation Creation,” Davidson and Feczko have hosted numerous individuals and families whose stories of overcoming hardships have impacted the hosts.

“They affect me like life has affected all of us. In life, we have times of joy and happiness, but we also have to transcend or endure the times when life isn’t going so great,” Davidson said. “I identify with that part of it most of all. After all the dues I paid in the business to get where I am, who knew that I would not only have an opportunity to make people laugh, but to take them through the hard times, and be there when they finally have a dream vacation of a lifetime?”

The majority of the guests on “Vacation Creation” are selected from online applicants. Davidson has a simple piece of advice for anyone hoping to be chosen, or for anyone interested in applying of behalf of a friend or family member – “Be genuine.”

“That’s been a common denominator among all of our guests,” said Davidson. “Everyone has been the genuine article – just real people who have endured things many of us have gone through. Vacation Creation is a celebration of living the life you have to the fullest. And there’s a subtle message in there too. We can sit around and watch what’s happening in our society, or we can seek out our own beauty.”

“Vacation Creation” airs in Maine each Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on WVII ABC 7 and WMTW Channel 8. 


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