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Surrounded by chrome and horsepower

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Surrounded by chrome and horsepower photo by Katy England
GRC is the place to go to get your engine revved for motorcycle season

ELLSWORTH Yes, there is still snow on the ground. But there are some people already plotting their first ride on two wheels, daydreaming about taking their motorcycle out of storage and hitting the open road.

With the weather finally getting around to warming up, motorcycles are already on the road.

Stanley Gardner, the owner of Gardner racing Concepts, is famous in the motorsports scene for his work fine-tuning crank shafts for motorcycle drag racing. His shop is papered with photos and memorabilia from hundreds of races that he's either participated in or had a hand in creating more speed and power for one of the racers. Most of the photos are signed personally to Stanley, thanking him for his work and crediting him for the win. He has a story for each picture and poster in the room and has had a hand in more racers brining home trophies than can be recounted in this small space.

But he didn't just help racers - he was a racer starting in the 1980s with The New England Dragway. At the same time, he honed his skills fine-tuning crankshafts and other parts that are integral for racing and having a high-performance machine.

'It's been a passion since 1979,' he said. 'I never cared if I was successful. But enough money has followed which allowed me to do this.' 

Gardner said that his goal was to keep racing affordable for others and still be able to make a living.

'I thought if things weren't so damn expensive, more people could do it,' he said. 

He's been in the motorcycle business, with a shop in Massachusetts since the 80s, but moved to Maine in 2004. With the realization that he will have been here going on a decade, Gardner wanted to kick things up a notch and expanded his garage business, which had already been doing motorcycle repair and improvements to the body and the overall power of the bikes. He expanded out beyond just racing and can work on any bikes out there, including Harley Davidsons. The shop boasts five lifts and can work on baggers and Harleys as well as racing bikes. But Gardner said that most people are leaning towards bigger bikes that allow for a passenger.

But the cherry on the cake of awesome that is Gardner Racing Concepts is the Dino. Get Jurassic Park out of your head. The Dinojed Model 250 allows the folks at Gardner Racing Concepts to test out the improvements that have been made to your ride. If you spent a good chunk of cash investing in extra horsepower, you can actually strap your bike to this machine and see how much faster your bike can go all without hassle of being pulled over by the cops. You see what they see in terms of speed, horsepower and much more.

The staff at GRC lovingly refer to this area as 'the happy room.' It will leave you wishing you had a room in your house where you could rev your bike to 200 miles per hour.

'The information goes through the computer and the customer can see what we see,' said Gardner. 

And if speed isn't want you're looking for, Gardner Racing Concepts has everything you need to make your bike look like it's going fast.

For more information about Gardner Racing Concepts, visit or find them on Facebook. You can also call them at 664-0377.


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