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Life in the American Revolution

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BRADLEY The Maine Forest and Logging Museum is proud to present Life in the American Revolution, Sept. 6 and 7. Bivouac, skirmish and run for your lives as knowledgeable volunteers keep history alive through reenactment at Leonard's Mills, the museum's historic village set in Bradley.

The Maine Forest and Logging Museum is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1960 dedicated to keeping history alive for the present-day citizens of the State of Maine, particularly the pioneer and lumbering period from the 1790s through the 1900s. Visitors to the museum Sept. 6 and 7 will see first-hand, and in some cases do, what our forefathers and mothers did so many years ago as knowledgeable volunteers tell the stories of life in the American Revolution. A bivouac takes over the museum grounds and visitors will see soldiers living in tents, skirmishes between Patriot and Crown troops, a medical doctor showing all the gory tools of his trade centuries ago, a surveyor with his traditional equipment, a loyalist telling his story, a Hessian wife telling hers, women cooking traditional food over an open fire and more.

Dedicated groups of volunteers from the Colonel Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment and the 74th Highland Regiment, come to central Maine from around New England for this truly unique event. Bring a picnic and spend the day in the 18th Century!

Since today's military has their roots in the Revolutionary War, The Maine Forest and Logging Museum is proud to offer free admission to Life in the American Revolution for active duty military members, Guard, Reserve and veterans.

Photo captions: (Top) Soldiers from the Massachusetts 2ndRegiment and the 74th Highlanders call it a truce at the Maine Forest and Logging Museum.

(Center) Women and children played an important role in Life in the American Revolution. Knowledgeable reenactors converge at the Maine Forest and Logging Museum in Bradley, September 6 and 7th to tell their stories.

(Bottom) Life in the American Revolution, It's a Blast!


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