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Powdered sugar food fight

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On July 7, 2013, The Color Run 5K will take place in South Portland. The Color Run web site explains that each person who participates must wear a white shirt and must register as a four person minimum team. The team must pick a "groovy name" and then will run or walk together and help one another get "colored" over the five kilometers.  The color is administered by colored corn starch being thrown at the each person at specific check points.

Kristen Moran is very excited to be participating in the Color Run. She found out about the race through a friend's Facebook status and decided to volunteer.

"I'm running with my friend Hilary who started our team and a couple of my other friends, Matt and Jessica. I am running for the fun of the race and to try something new. I recently started running and thought this would be a low pressure race that would be a lot of fun,' said Moran.

She has been running recreationally for a while, so by the time she signed up for the race she was already able to run a 5K. She's currently training for a half marathon, so inadvertently she is also training for the Color Run, which she finds to be very popular.

"It is a great way to spend time with friends and participate in a healthy activity. Also, it gives runners a race to compete in that is not so intimidating and competitive," she said.

Her advice for anyone doing the race is to have fun and invite some friends.

April Harton participated in the Color Run after her sister was on a health kick.

"I figured I'd use this opportunity to make her do it with me, because heaven knows she wouldn't have wanted to if she wasn't on this kick. I've had friends in the past that have done [The Color Run 5K], so it has always been in the back of my mind, but then Facebook wouldn't stop harassing me about it, so I thought why not?" said Harton.

She ran and speed walked with her sister, fianc and other people she knew. She enjoyed it very much.

"The colors were a blast,' she said. 'It was the coldest rainy day, and it gave us something to look forward to. There were four color stations. The last one was blue and people were rolling on the ground in it.'

Harton enjoyed everyone's spirit. She described the day as "freakishly cold," but that didn't stop people from being excited. People were high fiving one another from the other side of the track and she found it to be a fun experience that she would repeat hands down.

"This was my first 5K,' she said. 'I mean, I've ran 5K at the gym, but never outside in public. It was such a blast. Everyone was all around in a great mood; nobody was competing [which] was the best part. We all just wanted to have fun. No timing, no actual racing, just pure fun.'

The advice she gives to those thinking about participating are to just have fun and don't be afraid to get colorful.

To find out more about the Color Run 5K, visit


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