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Mini donkeys find loving home in Hermon

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HERMON - Wayne Moir is not your typical pet owner. Rather than owning a cat or dog, this Hermon resident, who grew up on a farm in Aroostook County, has opened his heart and home to a different kind of fur ball - miniature donkeys.

"They are like a dog," Moir said. "They come when you call them. They follow each other in a row and you know who is the leader of the pack: Suzy. She's always up front."

Six-year-old Suzy Q, a former show donkey that is a mere 29 inches in height, is the oldest of Moir's three mini-donkeys. He bought her from a farm in Newport last August. 

"I've got land in Arizona. I went to a farm out there in the hills and they had mini donkeys. I fell in love with them and always wanted one," Moir explained.

A few weeks after buying Suzy, Moir brought 1-year-old Tucker and 3-year-old Miss Kitty into the family fold. 

"They are the smartest little animals," he said. "[Tucker and Miss Kitty] don't understand their names yet, but they will eventually. Suzy does. You can holler her name from the house and she'll come." 

Since the trio is so small in stature, they don't require as much room as horses. Moir built a small shed for them but admits the donkeys prefer to roam the property instead. And that's caught the attention of a lot of neighbors and passersby.

"People just pull in, watch them and are amazed," Moir said. "The guy from down the road walked up and had to see them."

Moir plans to share his pets with even more folks this summer.

"I'd like to take them with me [when traveling], so I'm looking for a horse trailer to buy," he explained. "And they'll probably end up in parades and stuff too."

But this donkey owner does have a warning for others who may be interested in owning the mini mammals.

"Once you have one, you could get a hundred of them," he said.

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