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Halloween happenings 2018

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Halloween happenings 2018 (AP file photo)

Autumn is most definitely upon us. The leaves have undergone their chromatic transformation and largely fallen from the trees. The warm winds of summer have given way to the chilly breezes of fall; even days with above-average temperatures have a bite in the air.

And of course, as October comes to an end, we come to Halloween.

While the celebration of the holiday has certainly expanded well beyond the day itself, with events taking place throughout much of October, these last few days will see a particular flurry of fantastic and frightening events leading up to the 31st.

Bangor has plenty going on in this lead-up to Halloween. There are interesting events taking place a bit farther afield as well. Here are just a few of those happenings from both near and far.

Trick or treat!

You have to start with the candy, right?

There are plenty of trick-or-treating options in Bangor, starting with Downtown Bangor’s traditional trick or treat event. Every year, on the Saturday before (or of) Halloween, downtown businesses get into the spirit and hand out candy to the little ghouls and goblins. This year is no exception – on the afternoon of Oct. 27, get ready for some downtown fun!

There are some great trick-or-treating Bangor neighborhoods as well that have golden, glowing Halloween reputations. Little City is one such location - the fusion of bordering houses and loads of children ensures full treat sacks.

Another classic spot is the Tree Streets. While every corner of the neighborhood is happy to give out candy, the highlight is undoubtedly Maple Street - specifically the stretch between State and Mt. Hope. Billions of kids make their way up and down the street on Halloween night and many of the residents go all out in an attempt to make the experience as full of eerie fun as possible.

(Editor’s note: As someone who lives in the Tree Streets, I can confirm – Maple Street gets NUTS.)

Haunted houses and frightening forts

These sorts of events happen all over the region, but there are two in the area that warrant particular note.

There’s the classic Fright at the Fort, an event that has been going on almost 20 years. Every year, the Friends of Fort Knox turn that staid old fort into something far spookier. This year’s theme is the works of Stephen King, so you know there will be some scares. Check out last week’s story from our Benjamin Tremblay for more info!

Another long-standing scarefest is the haunted house in Kenduskeag. Located at the Galen Cole Memorial Ballfield, it has built a reputation over the years as one of the scariest haunted houses in the area. Think you’ve got what it takes? Find out for yourself on Oct. 26-27 for just $5.

‘Wait Until Dark’

If you’re in the mood for a scary show, you might want to check out this production, playing through Nov. 4 at Penobscot Theatre Company. A new adaptation of a classic stage thriller, it features sinister ne’er-do-wells menacing an isolated woman as they seek out something they believe to be rightfully theirs.

(Check out our full review of “Wait Until Dark” elsewhere in this week’s edition.)

Queen City Cinema Club

These guys are a relatively new player in Downtown Bangor; this is their first Halloween, but you better believe they’re bringing it.

QCCC is hosting “HollaScream Halloween 2018” with Queen City Entertainment and Flophouse Records on Oct. 26 starting at 9 p.m. The event will feature performances by Dylan Raw, Brandon Ross and Kat G, and music by DJ 2Phat. There will be a costume contest with cash and prizes and drink specials all night. “Hollascream Halloween 2018” is co-sponsored by Forecastle Tattoo and Orono Brewing Company.

The next night (Oct. 27) at 9 p.m., they will play host to an event called simply … “Freaks!” There will be a screening of Tod Browning’s classic creepy “Freaks.” QCCC will play host to Baron Von Geiger, the World’s Strangest Strongman, who will be talking about the history of the film and performing his sideshow act. There will be a freaky costume contest and freaky talent show, with prizes from Q3C. The event is co-sponsored by Three Graces Tattoo Piercing and Art Gallery.  Tickets are $5 and available through the Queen City Cinema Club Facebook page.


Obviously, this is just a taste of what Halloween has to offer in the greater Bangor area. Just remember - however you choose to celebrate, please do so carefully and responsibly.


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