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Come explore Xtreme Adventures

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BREWER - There's a new ropes course in Brewer where you can go over the edge - tied securely to a harness, that is. The specially designed course hopes to entertain and excite people of all ages, from grade schoolers to those enjoying their golden years. From the giant swing to the more challenging rings, there are over 40 obstacles to conquer at Xtreme Adventures, all intended to get your adrenalin pumping and your spirit soaring.

When owner Randy Spain thought about ways to maximize on property that he owned in Brewer, he thought of a ropes course.

'I came up with the idea, and just sort of got stuck on it, so I did it,' Spain said. He says that the course opened on July 20 of this year, and has been a hit with people of all ages.

'We had a 3-year old on the zip lines,' Spain said, adding that they also had a pair of guests in their 70s. While there is a mini course meant for younger guests, Spain said that many of them get braver and head for some of the larger obstacles.

Case in point: the Giant Swing. It is what the name implies. After plunging off a 35-foot platform, your body turns into a pendulum that swings back and forth. If you are physically fit and over the age of 4, you can take the plunge off of the Giant Swing. According to the owner, smaller guests are generally less timid about taking the plunge. The website brags that the Giant Swing can bring out the Tarzan yell in anyone.

In addition to the thrill of the Giant Swing, there are multiple pairs of zip lines on site. Running parallel to each other, the 'zips' double the fun by letting you enjoy the thrill side by side with a family member or a friend.

Of course, there is the ropes course to enjoy as well at Xtreme Adventures. But before guests can take to the skies, they have to attend 'ground school.' There, staff members give guests hands-on training on properly navigating elements. Once that staff is satisfied that you know how to safely use the equipment, you can begin your adventure.

The ropes course consists of rope bridges, a set of rings, nets to climb on and many other challenging obstacles. Spain says that the course is great exercise, and more challenging than people think. The ropes course also runs on a buddy system for safety reasons, so bring a friend.

For more information about the attractions at Xtreme Adventures, you can visit Reservations are strongly recommended, and can be made by calling (207) 989-9989.

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