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Bangor dog park opens

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BANGOR - It may be winter, but that isn't stopping folks and their four-legged friends from enjoying a day at the park. Earlier this month, the Bangor Dog Park, located on Watchmaker Street, officially opened its gates to visitors and their canines.

"We've had nothing but positive feedback," said Dawnette Carver, acting administrator for the Bangor Dog Park volunteer group. "Phase one, which is the small dog yard, is complete. And we wanted to have something for the large dogs to play in in the winter, so right now the large dog area is only one third of the size it'll be when finished."

Volunteers plan to spend the winter fundraising in order to complete the fencing and other supplies needed for the other two thirds of the large dog area at the park. Carver said after that the group will focus on phase three of the project, which includes obtaining a gazebo, benches, agility equipment and landscaping for the park.

"We have been three times since it opened," said Elizabeth Tilton of Bangor. "Lucky [our yellow lab] loves being able to play with the other dogs, and we love that we have a place to go with him as a family."

Carver's been pleased to see such enthusiasm for the city's newest addition.

"If we [volunteers] are not working, we're up there two or three times a day just to see the dogs play. They don't care if they're wet, cold or muddy, they're just happy to be there and so are the owners," explained Carver.

Kelsie Hanscom has taken her Airedale terriers to the new park on several occasions.

"Zeus and Rosie have really been enjoying it," said Hanscom. "And I've been enjoying getting out and letting Rosie, who runs away off leash, some time to run and be off on her own [in a fenced in area]."

The Bangor Dog Park, which is open daily from sunrise until sunset, does have doggy waste bag stations on the premises. Owners are expected to pick up after their pooches in order to keep the park in tip top shape.

"So far, people are doing a great job of keeping it clean," said Carver. "Everyone just loves it."


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