About us... the basics.

Why The Maine Edge?

Dynamic. Fast. Exciting.

Great adjectives, huh? They should define both a product you enjoy and, more importantly, a product that will help you get your message to a hard-to-reach audience that is just like you.

BasicsGraphicSuccessfully targeting a younger, professional and more savvy demographic than the traditional newspaper, while also catering to the need for a lifestyle, cultural and entertainment-based publication across all demographics in the greater Bangor market, The Maine Edge has redefined the role of what a newspaper can, and should be.

As we live in a fast-paced, globally driven environment, traditional newspapers and magazines that offer repetitive, redundant content and require you to make a purchase are simply not beneficial to the busy and economically challenging lifestyles facing all of us. And for years, readers across the country have asked for shorter, more-to-the-point stories, varied topics that leave the politics behind, and human-interest features that focus on the people, businesses and places in our community.

Simply put, The Maine Edge provides readers with a publication that fits into this hectic lifestyle, and offers advertisers a highly effective means of reaching a demographic and psychographic population that until now was untouchable by traditional news outlets. This is a key socioeconomic subset that understands the concept "free" and believes news and entertainment should come at no cost - a mindset reinforced by today's prevalence of iPods, TiVo and the Internet.

What is it?

Published by Edge Media Group, a company based in Bangor, Maine, The Maine Edge is the brainchild of a small group of media professionals who based it on the widely successful publications RedEye in Chicago, Quick in Dallas, AM New York in the Big Apple, and Metro, which is distributed worldwide and more locally in the greater Boston area. The Maine Edge has followed the lead of this new generation of publications that is quickly emerging as the preferred format in the industry.

As members of the New England Press Association and The Associated Press, The Maine Edge's editorial quality adheres to the longstanding journalistic principles of fairness and accuracy. However, it's so much more in that it represents the answer to advertisers' concerns about the 'one-size-fits-all' media channel, and readers' desires for a shorter, more concise experience in obtaining the information they want.

Make no mistake, The Maine Edge is not your average weekly newspaper or magazine. In fact, the product is designed to be a unique media channel that doesn't overlap with others in the area, a focus we take seriously, and one that we execute well. It's printed each Wednesday with a daily online edition and a simple mission "inform, entertain and cater to the needs and wants of the younger market, plus the older generations who prefer its fresh and edgy style," no pun intended. Think generations X, Y, Z and more!

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