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Weird National Briefs (07/05/2017)

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Oh deer!

LITITZ, Pa. - Authorities have again charged two former Pennsylvania restaurant owners accused of scavenging deer parts from trash bins outside butcher shops. reported Thursday that charges were re-filed against Shi Eng and Chun Eng after wildlife officials said the couple had been collecting discarded deer parts for a couple of years and violated laws against selling wild venison.

Investigators found more than 300 pounds of deer heads and other parts at their restaurant, but Chun Eng denied selling it, saying they used the meat to make soup for themselves.

The charges had been dropped in November after a witness decided not to testify.

Chun Eng previously pleaded guilty to restaurant violations, and Shi Eng was fined after pleading guilty to selling deer parts from a van in New York City.

TME – Just a couple of small business owners trying to get ahead.

Thoughtful thief

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Police in South Carolina are seeking a man who apologized after attempting to rob a convenience store.

The Sun News reports that Horry County police say they responded June 18 to a Circle K in Little River after the unidentified man walked inside and demanded money while holding a knife.

A police report says a night clerk told them the man entered the store around 1 a.m. and approached the counter. Police say the “unfazed” clerk didn’t give the man money and told him to leave. The man realized his efforts were going nowhere and apologized, put the knife back in his pocket and left.

TME – What a sorry excuse for a criminal.

Say yes to the dress

DOVER, Ohio - A bride who lost her wedding dress while traveling through Ohio has found it, thanks to social media.

WJW-TV reports Jennifer Contini and fiance Steven Cunningham were driving from Southampton, New York, to Dover, Ohio, when they lost the dress.

Contini says they stopped during the trip, and she thinks she left the dress on top of the car as they drove away.

Contini posted a message about the dress on Facebook, and the post went viral.

She says a friend of a friend saw the dress hanging on a fence at the end of a driveway. A Southampton couple had found it and hung it with the hope someone would claim it.

The couple is sending the dress to Dover, just in time for the July 7 wedding.

TME – That has to be a whole new level of bad luck, right?

On the move

CONCORD, N.H. - One New Hampshire driver should’ve heeded the old advice that you can’t take it with you.

WMUR-TV reports a minivan pulled over on Wednesday had furniture, bicycles and boxes strapped to the roof and a wheeled basket dangling over the back window. There was also a furniture dolly hanging against a driver’s side window.

The items on the roof doubled the height of the van, which was pulled over going north on Interstate 93 near Londonderry.

State police posted a picture of the van on Facebook.

Police are warning people to avoid driving with too many items strapped to the tops of their vehicles. They say the number of items on the van constituted a hazard.

Police issued the driver a ticket for negligent driving and having an uninspected vehicle.

TME – We assume that the whole shebang was topped by a shotgun-wielding Irene Ryan.

Crying fowl

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. - A group of California homeowners has heard enough from the gaggle of exotic birds in their neighbor’s backyard.

After repeated complaints, authorities recently told a woman in a San Francisco suburb she has 30 days to reduce her flock of birds from 500 to 50.

The East Bay Times reports the birds were being bred and raised in the backyard, and then being offered for sale online. Neighbors in Castro Valley have been complaining about the noise, smell and flies attracted to the poop.

Police say despite the large number, the woman has been providing the birds with sufficient care and food. Officials inspected the flock under the owner’s permission.

The owner has sold or given away 250 birds and is working to get rid of another 200.

Authorities considered confiscating the birds, but have neither the experience nor space to store them.

TME – Is this a wacky Maya Angelou reboot?

Sweeping scofflaw

PATERSON, N.J. - Police in New Jersey are looking for a suspect who stole a street sweeper and went on a brief joyride before crashing it.

Paterson police say the theft happened around 2 a.m. Wednesday as a worker was changing a garbage bag on the vehicle.

The suspect drove the vehicle for about a half mile and then crashed into several cars before running away.

No one was injured, but several parked cars were damaged.

TME – That’s what we call a clean getaway.

Ankle bracelet oopsie

WICHITA, Kan. - A Kansas man has admitted to driving a getaway vehicle from the scene of a convenience store robbery while wearing a monitoring device from a previous crime.

The U.S. attorney’s office says 26-year-old Christopher Allen Bush, of Topeka, pleaded guilty Monday to aiding and abetting a commercial robbery.

Bush had past convictions that included aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery. He was on post-release supervision and wearing a monitoring device when co-defendant Marsoleno Devon Ryland robbed a Casey’s General Store in Topeka.

Data from the GPS device showed that Bush picked up Ryland near the store. Bush then drove until reaching an area where police located the two men. Ryland pleaded guilty earlier this month.

Sentencing is set for Sept. 25 for Bush and Sept. 18 for Ryland.

TME – He should at least get credit for cutting out the middleman.


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