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Weekly Time Waster – ‘TypeRacer’

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Ever wonder how your keyboard skills stack up against the rest of the typing world? Think you’re a hotshot at the office because you think you can type at 100 words per minute? Did you ever think you could play a video game, and actually brush up your typing skills?

Well, it looks like it’s time to rev up those fingers. I present to you - “TypeRacer”.

“TypeRacer” is a fantastic simple game that pits you against other keyboard warriors in the world, to see who can type faster in the words-per-minute department. It uses sentences from published books, movie quotes, and even jokes from comedians! The point is to type the entire paragraph faster than the other players, which gets your car (which is on a virtual drag strip) from start to finish. As you race across the road of the English Language, you have to try to type the sentences error free. Make an error, and you must go back to correct it, before continuing on. So you can’t just win by speed-typing and mashing the keyboard; you must be accurate.

I found myself getting better with every few races I participated in. The game seems to really helps you hone in on your typing skills, and realize common mistakes you make.

The best part about all of this? Since you’re typing away at your computer, it literally looks like you are working, and not playing a game at all!

“TypeRacer” is available to play on Happy Racing!


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