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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Stack’

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Every year since I could remember, we venture down to the Jersey Shore for a family reunion. One of my fondest memories on that trip every year was going to the local arcade and seeing what large amount of tickets I could amass in a two-week period. 

Of course, at my youthful age, I spent said tickets on junk items - green plastic army men, dozens of badass temporary tattoos and Chinese finger traps. You know, items that you could buy at the dollar store, but cost you $30 at the arcade.

One of my favorite games at the arcade was a game called “Stacker.” A line of blocks went across a screen in front of you and you had to stack them perfectly. If you didn’t, you lost a block or two and the next row went faster. Stack them to the top and you won a cool prize like an iPod.

(Disclaimer: No one ever won the iPod).

Now I’ve found that same wonderful enjoyment in the palm of my hand, with a game called “Stack.” This game is exactly like the one at the arcade. You start off building a tower with a large flat cube, and every time you tap, it stacks. If you stack it perfectly, you climb higher. If you don’t, you keep climbing but with a smaller cube and a faster speed. Your goal is simple - stack as high as possible and get the highest score in the world!

“Stack” is free to play on the Android and IOS stores!


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