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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Mine of Sight’

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Back in the day, it wasn’t nearly as easy to use your computer to idly waste time. Really, it used to be that you had to satisfy yourself with basic games like Solitaire and Minesweeper. The latter game especially made it easy to fritter away chunks of time – surprisingly large ones, in fact.

For those who have fond memories of those Minesweeper days, we have “Mine of Sight.”

“Mine of Sight” is essentially a slightly more complex take on the Minesweeper that we know and love. The basic gist is the same – you’re tasked with locating all of the mines on a given screen using only the location-based clues provided by the spaces themselves.

With this, however, there’s a little more variation in terms of the clues that you’re given. Instead of just knowing which spaces are adjacent to mines, we get a variety of line-of-sight clues as well, resulting in a different set of procedures to tag the mines. And then you start getting bigger line of sight spaces and hints that add adjacent mines AND line of sight and things start feeling significantly different from good old Minesweeper.

It's not a hard game – the rules are the same and they keep the grids to a reasonable size – but it’s definitely a slightly different flavor. For those who remember the days of clicking through board after board, “Mine of Sight” might be right up your alley. Play for free at


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