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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Lunar Lander’

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The last two weeks we’ve focused on a few retro games.

The first one - “Frogger” - saw you running across a street full of dangers, risking your life, just to get to the other side.

The second - “Galaga” - saw you blasting away alien invaders, saving the planet and setting high scores to brag to your friends about. 

However, within these themes, what kind of retro game offers you a dose of reality? Well, how about “Lunar Lander!” 

In a decade full of Apollo space missions and sci-fi movies such as “Star Wars” and “Alien,” science fiction and space-themed entertainment was becoming all the rage in the 1970s. Central to that theme were games which saw you destroying aliens.

Then came “Lunar Lander.”

There isn’t much to say about Lunar. The game is all in the title. You pilot a lunar landing module and land on the moon. Think of it as your very own Apollo mission! You don’t die from hostile aliens in this arcade space game. No, my friends, you’ll find no space blasters here. You die simply from crashing into the landscape of the moon itself.

Effective use of your thrusters and a good trajectory win this game. With a simple black-and-white art style and the simple sound of thrusters as you descend upon the moon, you’ll surely waste some time - and maybe some NASA funding.

“Lunar Lander” is free to play on


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