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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Hill Climb Racing’

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What do you get when you mix physics-based driving, a bouncy four-wheel drive vehicle and large amounts of hills and jumps to drive on at high speeds? It almost sounds like a weekend at an off-roading club, doesn’t it? Or maybe we’re talking about a game called “Hill Climb Racing.”

“Hill Climb Racing” is an addictive little game that finds you driving your 4x4 over bridges and up and down hills. You do all this to go as far as you can while trying not to run out of fuel (which you pick up along the way) or wind up flipping your vehicle over and breaking your character’s neck as it lands upside down (I’m not going to lie, the game makes a little crunch sound when it happens, and it’s absolutely hysterical the first time it happens). You collect coins along the way that ultimately lets you upgrade your truck. There are multiple levels, each with a different environment that presents different challenges. For instance, driving on the moon gives you almost no gravity!

With a simplistic control system and a fun cartoonish art style, you will find yourself playing over and over again, just to see if you can go “a little farther this time.” It’s easy (yet hard), laid-back and requires no extra brain power to play. Oh, and its free to play on your computer and phone!

“Hill Climb Racing” is free to play on and free to download on Android and IOS.


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