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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Deep Space Barrage’

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I’ve been on quite a science fiction binge lately. Between watching all the “Star Wars” movies over and over, the “Alien” franchise again, “Blade Runner” coming back and now “Valerian,” I’m in a head space where I think I want to do a little sci-fi game series over these next few weeks.

To start things off, we have a little game I found called “Deep Space Barrage.” Let’s set the scene. The year is 2250 and the Earth has been attacked by alien invaders. With the Earth lost, the remaining survivors have fled. You must now defend your space ship from alien attackers as you flee the galaxy.

This game is a nicely disguised turret defense game. Waves of enemies attack your ship, and you place turrets that automatically shoot the alien ships.  After you defeat each wave of aliens, you can upgrade and improve the turrets, shields, and other little aspects of your ship. There is also a turret on your ship that you can fire yourself, which is also upgradable.

After you defeat a set number of waves of enemies, you move deeper into the universe, away from the destroyed planet Earth. As you go farther, you encounter larger, harder to destroy aliens (eighteen total different alien ships to be exact!). There are three galaxies for you to battle through, each one presenting a new challenge. It’s almost a modern take on a few retro games like “Galaga” from back in the day.

Play “Deep Space Barrage” for free on Go out and be a space commander, my friends!


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