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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Chicken Scream’

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“Chicken Scream.” The only game I’ve ever found, that makes you shout at delicious poultry.

At this point, you’re probably wondering “What the heck does that mean?” Well, it means exactly what it sounds like.

“Chicken Scream” is an interactive mobile game that uses the player’s voice to move and jump a small digital chicken across a map of platforms and obstacles. You move your chicken by talking and make it jump by screaming. Of course, this leaves a large amount of room for creativity. You can cluck like a chicken, sing your favorite Selena Gomez song or heck, make moose noises. It doesn’t really matter - as long as you make sounds, the chicken moves.

The game has a 2D, pixelated art style, but is very bright and colorful. The game keeps track of how many platforms you make it across and challenges you to go farther each time. I liked to experiment with how far I could make it with different sounds each time. I even resorted to yelling at my chicken like the Gunnery Sergeant from “Full Metal Jacket.” I set my own record that way at about 15 platforms.

Much of gaming these days resorts to tapping on screens, clicking a keyboard or twirling some joysticks; it was nice to find something different where you can interact with another one of the five senses. Chicken Scream is free to download on the IOS and Android store.


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