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Internet startup offers new ways to collaborate

There's a lot going on out there in the internet ether. Millions upon millions of websites and services floating around, just waiting to engage us. It's funny to think about, but the vast majority of those same sites and services, no matter how enormous and ubiquitous they may seem to us now, began in someone's garage or basement.

Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook - go far enough back in the timeline and you'll find a beginning that consists of nothing more than a bare handful of people passionately pursuing their idea. Everyone starts small and hopes for success. Everyone wants to be the next big thing.

Perhaps it's is a website that has a different approach regarding working on the web. It's a site that allows real-time discussion and information sharing with an extremely user-friendly interface. Tools such as polls and rankers allow that information to be shared quickly and easily while still allowing each user a degree of autonomy.

The site is still in its embryonic stages, but as development progresses, there will be more and more tools with which users can share and manipulate information.

'It's all about productivity,' said Ron Adams, one of the founding engineers at (as well as a native of Brewer). 'We definitely want people to engage in conversation, but we think that the apps will be what really bring people in.'

The watchword for the folks at is 'collaborative.' It seems like their every move is designed to make the experience into an easy way to collaborate. These guys are aiming to give us a new, more focused way to both share and experience information.

'Basically, we asked ourselves what we thought the internet was lacking in terms of communication,' he said. '[This site] is a way to help people bring together collective knowledge.

'It's fast and flexible,' Adams continued. 'It's easy for people to jump in immediately, and that [immediate] engagement is what we wanted. There's no long sign-up process - we wanted it fast.'

Of course, while there are plenty of benefits to being in on the ground floor of something like this, there's a lot of hard work to go around as well. Being your own boss isn't always just sunshine and unicorns.

'There are just three of us right now,' said Adams. 'It's all about assigning priorities. We're releasing stuff frequently and constantly adding new things. Now it's just a question of helping people to find out about it.'

Bear in mind that these aren't just any three guys. Between them, they have years of experience at some of the most prominent tech companies in the world. These are guys who have done real work at places like Intel, Yahoo and GoDaddy. They aren't a bunch of fresh-faced innocents straight out of college, but they're all still possessed of youthful energy and passion for what they do.

Is the next big thing? There's no way to know. However, if the early accomplishments of this group are any indication, before long we'll all be spending some time in the hall. Pay a visit to the site and see for yourself. Who knows? Perhaps the future is now.

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