BANGOR - Dawna Hensley lost her battle with cancer last fall, but that isn't stopping her family and fellow co-workers at Geaghan's Pub & Craft Brewery in Bangor from organizing the third annual 'Dawna's Day' at the pub. It all started as an event where a portion of the proceeds from a certain day's sales at the restaurant would be donated to Dawna's recovery. But Hensley just wouldn't accept the offer. Instead she asked her co-workers and family to think bigger and give to an organization that could help everyone, not just her. So for the third year in a row, Geaghan's is planning to donate 10 percent of all sales on Thursday, May 1 to Greater Bangor Bark for Life, an American Cancer Society Relay for Life event that honors the life-long contributions of canine companions. 

"It was a perfect idea," said Larry Geaghan, Dawna's brother-in-law, during a telephone interview last year. "Dawna is a dog lover and wanted to draw attention off her and do something more for everyone in general."

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