Google offers businesses many powerful tools to help spread and monitor their brand online. Google AdWords is one of those tools, which provides businesses with the opportunity to show up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when certain keywords are searched. Businesses may not know, though, that they can also use AdWords to advertise on websites within the Google Display Network (GDN)—and there are many benefits of doing so. If you have a little extra cash in your advertising budget, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider using it to advertise in the Google Display Network. 

Expand your reach

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Tuesday, 08 April 2014 22:38

How to Get the Most Out of Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be a very powerful online marketing tool for businesses of any size—even those with a limited budget. AdWords allows businesses to create text and display ads for Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) based on their choice of certain keywords, in order to drive more traffic—and hopefully create conversions—to their website. Although you only pay for your ad if people click on it, you can easily use up your AdWords budget without a return on investment if you do not have the right strategy. Here are a few pointers to help you create a successful campaign and get the most out of Google AdWords investment.

Determine how people are searching for you—or if they are.

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Twitter can be an overwhelmingly fast-paced social media platform to use for business—at least at first. For one, you are limited to only 140 characters to get your message across. Then, once your message is finally shortened and sent, it doesn’t take long for it to get buried in the sea of other Tweets. Despite some of the barriers that may discourage you from opening or continuing to use your Twitter account, businesses can greatly benefit from the unique features of this highly popular social media platform. Here are a few things to remember when using Twitter for your business:

Get in the habit of tweeting regularly

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Many wonderful things have happened to me personally this year so far, and we’re only in the first quarter!  First, I turned 40 years old in January and I feel like a million bucks – never felt happier in life. I have joined an exercise group that motivates me and makes me want to take better care of my heath. I also celebrate my daughter’s 10th birthday this month, which is a celebration of 10 more years of my own life as well since I almost didn’t make it when she was born. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to see her grow and become the awesome young lady she is!

This year has also brought me some great business opportunities and challenges, which have required me to make some strategic changes in my agency. I am well used to change as I am an immigrant. My family moved to the United States from Brazil when I was 16 years old, and I didn’t know how speak English. Once you go through the crash course of change called “immigration,” you can basically handle any other type of adjustment in life. In fact, I embrace change.

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 18:09

Five creative ways to use Instagram video

According to Digiday, nearly half of all mobile traffic now involves online video. Social media platforms are scrambling to keep up with this exploding trend – and with the recent addition of video to its popular image-based network, Instagram promises to become a forerunner in the movement.

Instagram currently hosts about 150 million users, uploading over 40 million images every day (DMR). Videos posted to Instagram, however, generate twice as much engagement as photos (Simply Measured).What’s more, Instagram integrates easily with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, so that videos shared on Instagram can potentially reach a much wider audience. All of these facts provide great incentive to look into Instagram’s new video feature (if you haven’t already) and to start thinking about how you can utilize all that creative potential for your brand.

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Tuesday, 04 March 2014 17:41

Rethinking your website

Websites are an absolute in any online business marketing strategy. More people than ever are using the internet as part of their everyday lives, and the ability to search, explore and act at the touch of a button has changed both the ways users look for information and the ways users look for information and the ways they make purchasing decisions. Web-savvy customers choose to educate themselves about the best solutions to their challenges. They search for information when they want it and how they want it – and without some kind of online presence, they’re almost certain not to find it from your business. 

The good news is that in such a fast-paced, customer-centric arena, a well-integrated website can be a huge marketing advantage. Even if your website isn’t visitors’ first impression of your brand, it’s still a central resource tying together all the traffic from your blog, social media, and paid advertising. A successful website engages visitors, educates them and persuades them to become invested customers – and it does this by combining key elements of design, content and SEO to create a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy backed by a great user experience.  

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If you are a member of your local chamber of commerce, you have probably seen a positive change in your business. Although it takes time to get involved with your local chamber, making the commitment provides many benefits for you and your employees.

If you’ve considered joining your local chamber but put it off, you may have done so for a number of reasons. As a business owner, you may fear that your hectic schedule will prevent you from attending events and getting the most out of your investment. You may also be under the impression that your business has to be a certain size in order to join. In reality, though, most chambers provide a wide, flexible range of events and opportunities that support businesses of any size. Whether you are the sole worker staff of your business or you employ over 500 workers, becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce can offer a big list of advantages. 

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The digital business arena certainly has its benefits. It’s quick, convenient and universally accessible, and let’s face it: it’s where trends are happening. While online networking is a big part of relationship-building nowadays, however, it’s far from the whole picture. Face-to-face interaction still offers a host of real, unique advantages – which businesses shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss. 

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These days, consumers don’t go online; they are online, all the time. With continuous connectivity, the distinction between consumers’ online actions and their real, geographic behaviors is rapidly blurring. Marketers need to be aware of how “living in the moment” is changing audience expectations and driving a bigger demand for convenient, personalized services. 

Mobile networking puts users in a perpetual marketplace. They have instant access to a universe of digital information, and they’re able to make decisions with the touch of a button. As a result, they’re less tolerant of unsolicited or irrelevant messages. To score real returns from this dynamic arena, businesses need to focus less on promotion and more on discovering – and providing – the information consumers value most on a personal level.

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Every marketer knows the value of positive press, especially in the digital universe. Customer voices are a robust influence for online consumers (CMS Wire notes that about 80 percent of social media users make buying decisions based on posts from family and friends, or brands they trust). In an increasingly mobile market, brand advocacy is rapidly changing from a public relations bonus to a fundamental marketing tactic.

The surge in mobile technology means consumers are now constantly connected to the digital market, making purchasing decisions with the touch of a button (and with a shorter attention span). The recent push toward paid social media content, too, will undoubtedly create stronger niche markets across a range of platforms. To cut through all that digital noise, personal brand advocacy is becoming a crucial tool; it’s real, valuable information consumers want to share with others, and so it’s also information others will want to see. So how does a brand become worthy to be talked about and referred to others? Here are few tips to get your wheels turning:

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