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Celebrity Slam (07/12/2017)

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Dunham’s in the doghouse

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy hating on Lena Dunham. For whatever reason, she has become a bit of a lightning rod; she’s become representative of much of the disdain aimed toward her generation. Call her an Ur-millennial, a convenient catchall and shorthand for “everything that’s wrong with these young people.”

A lot of that criticism is unfair. While her HBO show “Girls” might not be your cup of tea, that doesn’t make it bad (we thought it was OK). Ditto her personal essays that often venture into full-on navel-gazing territory (we’re less enthused about her writing). That’s all a matter of taste.

But then we get into the saga of Lamby and things get a bit more complicated.

Who is Lamby, you ask? He’s a dog that, when adopted by Dunham four years ago, was the subject of one of the aforementioned personal essays. She wrote about her new dog in The New Yorker, talking about his difficult life before she came along, including three previous owners and three previous names.

Jump ahead to last month, when Dunham wrote a long post on social media letting the world know that she had given up and sent Lamby to “an amazing treatment facility in Los Angeles” back in March. She went on to repeat the claims of Lamby’s hard early life, including the “terrible abuse” he suffered as a pup that made “having him in a typical home environment dangerous.”

So, weird that it would take her four years to decide that the dog wasn’t safe to have in the house, but whatever. However, some folks from the shelter where she adopted Lamby from expressed some … let’s call them different ideas about the situation.

Robert Vazquez, a representative of the BARC shelter in New York where Dunham got the dog, had some things to say when he was contacted about the situation. For instance, when the records were checked, Lamby was listed as “owner surrendered, not enough time,” which would seem to indicate that Dunham’s three owners-three names take was basically made up.

Vazquez went on to say that Lamby was fine when Dunham adopted him. “When she adopted the dog from us, it wasn’t crazy,” he told Yahoo Celebrity. He went on to say that he was present every time Dunham visited the dog prior to the adoption and stated that if Lamby had any sort of pre-existing behavior conditions, they wouldn’t have adopted him out.

Since all of this went down, Dunham’s dog trainer has come out in her defense, backing up Dunham’s claims of aggression on the dog’s part and attempting to justify her decision to give the dog up.

We’re dedicated dog lovers here at Celebrity Slam. It is our measured opinion that all dogs are good dogs; dog owners are the ones who inevitably crew everything up. And so we are here to unequivocally call bulls—t on Dunham’s claims.

Seriously – your dog has been aggressive for FOUR YEARS and you’re just now dealing with it? And you’re going to double down on your three owner/three name fairy tale when the actual shelter is basically calling your claims nonsense?

This begs another question – if the shelter didn’t tell you those history specifics, where exactly did they come from? Did Lamby tell you his sob story in heartwrenching detail? Or – more likely – did you just make them up because it isn’t enough for you to rescue a dog, you have to cobble together a tragic backstory to make yourself look even more compassionate and heroic?

If it comes down to a contest of trustworthiness between a worker at a no-kill dog shelter and a self-celebratory spotlight seeker, well … that’s really no contest at all, is it?

None of this is to say that Lena Dunham abused this dog. At all. We don’t for one second think that. But did she neglect to provide the dog with the proper training essential to succeed in an environment that was undeniably chaotic? The answer seems pretty clear. And to blame the dog for that, well … that’s just poor form. You should have known better, Lena.

And Lamby? Lamby deserved better.

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