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Brewer student expands 'Bike Ride For Wet Noses' - Twenty-two mile ride to benefit Bangor Humane Society

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Brewer student expands 'Bike Ride For Wet Noses' - Twenty-two mile ride to benefit Bangor Humane Society courtesy of Jason Gross

BREWER - Riding your bike is one of the many pleasures of childhood. For 10-year-old Matthew Gross of Brewer, so is having a dog. That's why for the second year in a row, Matthew is participating in the Bike Ride For Wet Noses, a fundraiser he started to benefit the animals at the Bangor Humane Society.

"This is going to be the longest bike ride I've ever taken," said Matthew Gross. "I've never gone over 20 miles."

However, in just a few short weeks Matthew and his father Jason will be traveling the 22.5 mile trek from Pat's Bike Shop in Brewer around Brewer Lake and onto Orrington and Holden before returning back to the Wilson Street business.

"I'll be using the same bike and the same helmet," he said. "We just wanted to extend it this year from 14 miles to 22.5 miles."

Matthew's goal has always been to raise $300 for the shelter. He has already exceeded that amount but isn't sure he can repeat his fundraising efforts from last year.

"I don't think I can get to $1,000 again but I think I can get around $400-$500," he said.

"Most of the donations we've collected are from the same people [who donated last year], friends and family that live close by," explained Jaime Gross, Matthew's mother. "He's a good kid with a big heart."

Matthew hopes the funds he's able to raise during the Aug. 15 event will be used for pet toys, pet food and whatever else the animals that have yet to be adopted may need. Those who would like to support Matthew in his efforts can mail their donations to the Bangor Humane Society on Mount Hope Avenue in Bangor and write Matthew's name or 'Bike Ride For Wet Noses' in the memo line.

"I think they're going to try and do this every year," said Jaime. 

"You've got that right," Matthew said.

For more information on pet adoption, log on to

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