Wednesday, 28 January 2015 17:44

Doing my bidding

by Katy England

Ever since it became generally known that I was having triplets, people have made reference to the fact that I will have minions to do my bidding. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. 

Because I’m not a wicked witch, I can’t just wave my broom and watch the kiddos do chores. I have to show them. That inevitably means I have helpers. But “helpers” isn’t the right word for what’s going on there.

Monday, 26 January 2015 15:05

Margaret Chase Smith Essay Contest

by PR

The Margaret Chase Smith Library is pleased to announce the topic of its nineteenth annual essay contest – immigration policy. The competition is open to Maine high school seniors. Entries are due by April 1, 2015. Prizes ranging from $50 for five honorable mentions to $1000 for first place will be announced on May 1. For more information or to enter, please contact John Taylor at the Margaret Chase Smith Library, 56 Norridgewock Avenue, Skowhegan, ME, 04976, or by telephone at 474-7133. 

The topic was selected because of its timeliness and urgency. Although a nation of immigrants, the United States currently finds itself sharply divided by this issue. Like most Americans, Margaret Chase Smith believed in the ideal of the melting pot. Her maternal grandfather was born in Quebec and immigrated to Maine in the mid-19th century. As Smith entered public life, immigration policy was marked by the rigid national ethnic quotas of the 1920s, followed by economic concerns about employment competition during the Great Depression of the 1930s, and then by fears of foreign infiltration and Communist subversion during the 1940s and 50s. Against this historical backdrop of alternating cycles of welcome and wariness toward foreigners, the Margaret Chase Smith Library invites students to weigh in with their opinions on what federal immigration policy should be in the 21st century.

Monday, 19 January 2015 13:48

Helping kids’ wishes come true

by Katy England

Wishing Under the Stars Gala

Editor’s note: A press release contributed to this story.

Monday, 19 January 2015 13:47

Bad influences

by Katy England

I am a bad influence on children and dogs. I don’t even own any dogs. But it’s true. When I see a happy puppy, I want to play with it, get it riled up and excited – you know, not calm and sedate like many people like their dogs. I don’t mind puppy kisses, and I kind of want to give them treats for no good reason other than the fact that they are dogs and therefore awesome. I inject chaos into the lives of dog owners.

And with our kids it’s much the same. I like to rile them up, play with them until they are giggling and out of breath and absolutely fired up. I’m the person who taught them how to pillow fight. I taught them that beds were bouncy, that splashing is fun – and we all know most kids don’t need encouragement to splash in puddles.

EASTPORT – Cory Guimond, president of Millennium Marine USA, has fulfilled a pledge he made in July 2014 to donate to the building fund of the Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association (LFMA) in Lubec $3,000 for every kit boat that was sold in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada and Washington County, Maine, USA. He would also donate $3,000 for every completed fishing boat sold in Charlotte County and Washington County. Even after experiencing a major setback due to a fire at the boat yard, Guimond has contributed $6,000 in December 2014 to help the LFMA raise the necessary funds to build a Memorial Park which will honor Lost Fishermen from both Charlotte County, New Brunswick and Washington County, Maine.

The park will be a place where family members and friends can visit to honor those lost at sea. The Memorial Park will feature sculpture in the form of a wave by Jesse Salisbury, renowned local granite sculptor. The names of the lost fishermen from both sides of the border will be inscribed on the wave.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015 19:41

What’s worse?

by Katy England

The question of what is worse - being sick with three healthy kids or being sick with three sick kids - is really hard to answer. But I think I finally have an answer: being sick with three sick kids who don’t exactly act sick. As in, they have the goop, they have the coughs, they probably have all the things that I have but can only express how achy and tired they are by being rude. 

Which is awesome.

Monday, 12 January 2015 14:09

Livin' Briefs - (01/14/15)

by PR

Start a lifesaving habit by giving blood with the American Red Cross

BANGOR —The American Red Cross encourages eligible blood donors to start a lifesaving habit by becoming a regular blood donor this year, starting with National Blood Donor Month in January.

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 21:36

The tank engines of war

by Katy England

Christmas was pretty awesome. Kids came downstairs, marveled at the lights that we had put up last-minute, ate breakfast, opened presents and had a lovely time. This was after a lovely evening of decorating cookies at Grammy and Grampy’s house, playing with their cousin on my husband’s side, and much joy and fun to be had. Merry, merry!

Second Christmas was also great. My brother and sister-in-law came with four cousins of various ages and heights (from smaller than my kids to taller than everyone else in the house) and much fun was had playing, high-fiving, giggling and opening even more presents. Merry, merry!

PORTLAND —The American Red Cross and Dunkin’ Donuts are launching a new campaign this January to help increase donations and reward generous donors during National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. Through the new “Dunkin’ Donors Make a Difference” campaign, all those who come to give blood or platelets in January at Red Cross blood drives in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and parts of New York will receive a $5 Dunkin Donor Card.

“The ‘Dunkin Donors Make a Difference’ campaign and DD Card will give generous Red Cross blood donors more options when visiting our restaurants and appeals to the preferences of a wide variety of blood donors,” said Silvio Mazzella, Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee and chairman of the board for the Red Cross Northern New England Blood Services Region. “The DD Card can be used toward the purchase of any item at participating Dunkin’ Donuts – including coffee, hot chocolate and baked goods, among other items. We’re proud to partner with the Red Cross to thank blood donors this January and help ensure a sufficient blood supply.”

Tuesday, 30 December 2014 23:44


by Katy England

Committing to things when you have three 3-year-olds is challenging. Your desires are at odds with reality much of the time. You want to do all sorts of things, but the reality is I have three kids and three jobs, and that kind of limits my options.

So when it comes to making resolutions, I tend to scale back a bit. But I feel like this is a tactic that many people don’t take when making commitments for the New Year. Then we feel like crap when we don’t meet them.

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