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Survivor: Caramoan 'Fans vs. Favorites' now underway

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Rather than reinvent the wheel, CBS's Survivor decided to put together another season of 'Fans vs. Favorites.' It's where the reality show's most avid followers get a chance to compete against some of their favorite contestants from past seasons - all in hopes of winning one million dollars. This season, the show takes place in the Caramoan Islands. 

In the very first episode, the veteran players dominated the reward challenge and won flint to make fire and a large container filled with rice and beans. However, when it came to the immunity challenge, the experienced players weren't as lucky. They lost and were sent to tribal council where one returning player had the unlucky fate of being the first one voted off this season. That distinction fell upon Francesca Hogi of New York. The 38-year-old attorney was also the first one voted off during her original season - Survivor: Redemption Island. I recently spoke with Hogi about her brief stint on the show.

The Maine Edge: Did you have reservations about coming back?

Hogi: Yes, I did. I really am in the minority of Survivor contestants where I didn't leave the first time wanting to play again. I thought when they first called me, 'They're never going to cast me, it'll never happen but sure I'll go through the process.' I was pretty surprised that it happened.

TME: Do you feel you're cursed since you were voted out first in your season and again in 'Fans vs. Favorites'? 

Hogi: I hadn't thought about it that way. I don't know if I'm cursed or not. I think I'm definitely unlucky.

TME: What did you not get to accomplish since you were voted out? 

Hogi: I would've liked to win a million dollars. Other than that, I went into the game thinking the first time I played it was a fiasco, and not a pleasant experience. The challenges are fun and I wished I got to compete more in those. I was there to win and give it as good of a try as I could. 

TME: Who do you think is the biggest threat on the 'Favorites' teams? 

Hogi: Malcolm is definitely a threat. He's a good player and in a good position because no one is targeting him. He's a likable guy and no one has seen him play. I [also] think Cochran is in a good position. He is self deprecating and everyone feels sorry for him. 

Survivor: Caramoan airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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