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Oscar Emerson (D) To Run For Maine House District 137 (Bradley, Greenbush, Franklin and Bradford)

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Oscar Emerson (D) is a self-employed, practicing Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor. He achieved his success through the school of "hard-knocks," obtaining all of his licensures' without a college degree. He remembers where he came from, thus compassionate for the less-fortunate, but he also understands the hardships of the small business owner.

He has been a member of a municipal planning board and town council for nearly 20 years, holding the position of chairman for the majority of that time. He is moderate in his views and believes in personal freedoms, such as woman's right to chose and the right to bear arms. He also believes that the State of Maine has the potential to prosper, by utilizing innovation rather than villainizing groups of people. He believes that environmental laws should protect our significant natural resources without unnecessarily encumbering the rights of the property owner. His motive for seeking office is his willingness to work together with all house members, on either side of the aisle, if it benefits his constituents.

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