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Katie Collins becomes the first female juror on 'Survivor Blood vs Water' 2013

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Katie Collins Katie Collins

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' has been a season full of twists where husbands and wives, mothers and daughters and even siblings have had to compete against one another. That's exactly what happened to 25-year-old Katie Collins. The New York, N.Y. resident went head to head with her mother, Tina Wesson (winner of 'Survivor: Australia'), after her tribe was forced to draw rocks when they couldn't come to a consensus on which player should be sent packing. Collins had the misfortune of picking the only white rock amongst a bag of black ones, which cost her the opportunity to continue in the game. She had one more shot at clawing her way back, though, once she entered the Redemption Island arena. However, the experience and skill of both her mother and fellow former 'Survivor' alum, Laura Morett, proved to be too much for Collins to overcome. I recently spoke with Collins, who became this season's first female jury member. 

TME: Are you shocked at how long you lasted in the game or are you disappointed with where you placed?

Collins: I'm really happy where I made it in the game. Honestly, the very first tribal council my name was out there. I never really felt 100 percent secure, so I'm really happy where I placed.

TME: Did you hope you would at least be able to play the game longer than your mom?

Collins: Yes. I think both of us hoped we would make it further than the other one, and that was our imbedded competition. I mean obviously we love each other very much and she's made it longer than me and I'm really proud of how far she's gone, but I wish I would've gone further though.

TME: During the season both you and Ciera have had to compete against your moms. Was that difficult?

Collins: Yeah, me and my mom and Ciera and her mom have different relationships, and it's interesting that the last surviving couples have been mother-daughter couples. I know Ciera was willing to write her mom's name down fairly quickly. That's not something that I could do. 

TME: There's only been one other season where the contestants have been forced to draw rocks because they couldn't come to a consensus on who should be voted out. Looking back, do you wish your tribe could've made a decision between Hayden and Monica so that you weren't forced to draw rocks?

Collins: It was really our only chance to get Tyson off his throne. We didn't know he had an idol in his pocket. I wouldn't have done anything differently. I think it was a smart move on our end, because what if he did draw the white rock? Then he would've gone home and then we could've voted for Gervase. It was worth the chance for me.

TME: Now that you're on the jury, who do you think at this point is the most deserving to win?

Collins: I'm making my vote off of who I think played the best game and who was the most conscientious and strategized the best. 

Collins is the fourth member and first female to join this season's 'Survivor' jury. 


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