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  • Donald Faison on ‘The Exes,’ ‘Scrubs’ and his dream job
    Donald Faison on ‘The Exes,’ ‘Scrubs’ and his dream job

    For actor Donald Faison of TV’s “Scrubs” and “The Exes,” Maine reminds him of his brother – and his car. “My brother went to UMaine and he loved it there,” Faison told me in a recent phone interview. “I remember loaning him my car to use for the winter, thinking he would only drive it around town.”  

    Faison’s brother may have loved Maine, but he also missed New York. “He ended up driving from Maine to New York almost every weekend and put almost 100,000 miles on my car. That’s what brothers are for,” Faison said, laughing.

  • A chronicle of clairvoyance - ‘The Mime Order’
    A chronicle of clairvoyance - ‘The Mime Order’

    Second installment in fantasy series shines brightly

    One of the joys of literary series – particularly fantasy series – is the level of world-building that they allow. Multiple books let authors play the long game, creating intricately detailed realms piece by piece.

  • J-Lo no-no – ‘The Boy Next Door’
    J-Lo no-no – ‘The Boy Next Door’

    Erotic thriller neither erotic nor thrilling

    Bad movies are par for the course in January, but it seems that this year’s Hollywood landfill is particularly pungent. There are a whole lot of awful offerings out there this year, each possessed of its own special brand of terribleness.

  • The ‘t’ is for ‘terrible’ – ‘Mortdecai’
    The ‘t’ is for ‘terrible’ – ‘Mortdecai’

    Johnny Depp vehicle utterly, painfully unfunny

    In recent years, Johnny Depp has developed an odd relationship with the moviegoing public. He has increasingly gone in for roles where he was able to cloak himself in some sort of affectation, be it the way he dresses or the way he talks or the way he wears his hair (facial and otherwise). Many times, he combines more than one of those put-upon qualities.

  • ‘American Sniper’ takes aim
    ‘American Sniper’ takes aim

    Film anchored by Cooper’s exceptional performance

    There’s a phenomenon known as the “Oscar bump.” It’s when films get an attendance bump after receiving Academy Award nominations; it has been known to add a nice little cushion to the box office receipts for films that otherwise didn’t have huge numbers.

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