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  • House of horrors – ‘Don’t Breathe’
    House of horrors – ‘Don’t Breathe’

    Horror film subverts home invasion genre tropes

    By many measures, the summer of 2016 has been a bit of a disappointment in cinematic terms. There were a number of high-profile flops and even the films that did well didn’t do quite as well as many had predicted, whether we’re talking commercially, critically or both.

  • If it ain’t broke – ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’
    If it ain’t broke – ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’

    Action sequel offers thin narrative and ludicrous violence

    In a lot of ways, Jason Statham is a bit of a throwback.


  • ‘Ben-Hur’ a Biblical bore
    ‘Ben-Hur’ a Biblical bore

    Dull, disinterested remake fails to resonate

    While there have been a number of successful offerings, the reality is that the summer of 2016 has been marked by a preponderance of underperforming films – particularly those that fall into the category of sequel and/or remake/reboot.

  • Bro-ing to war – ‘War Dogs’
    Bro-ing to war – ‘War Dogs’

    Film elevated by strong central performances

    One of the most overused phrases in the world of movie marketing is “Based on a true story.” Essentially, it gives filmmakers carte blanche to use as much – or as little – of a story’s truth in the course of making their movie.

  • Streep’s perfectly imperfect pitch
    Streep’s perfectly imperfect pitch

    “Florence Foster Jenkins” a tale of indefatigable passion

    Just what is it with Meryl Streep and singing these days?

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