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  • Still waters run deep
    Still waters run deep

    “Deepwater Horizon” surprisingly effective

    Dramatizing real-life events is a tricky business. Depending on the mindset, the degree with which these films ultimately reconcile with what really happened can vary wildly. Surprisingly, this is even true with the recent spate of films revisiting relatively recent events – this even despite the recounted happenings being fairly fresh in the collective consciousness.

  • Special delivery – ‘Storks’
    Special delivery – ‘Storks’

    Animated film offers laughs for the whole family

    One of the best aspects of 21st century Hollywood’s affinity for animated films is that you not only get a wide variety of films, but a wide variety of talented filmmakers – filmmakers who might not have otherwise involved themselves with animation – coming on board to make movies.

  • ‘The Magnificent Seven’ worth a shot
    ‘The Magnificent Seven’ worth a shot

    Western remake features engaging action, talented ensemble

    The cinematic Western has been making a bit of a comeback in recent years. There have been some critically-lauded offerings - last year’s Best Picture-nominated “The Revenant,” for example, or this year’s celebrated “Hell or High Water” – that have helped the genre regain some of its once-massive cachet.

  • Into the woods…again – ‘Blair Witch’
    Into the woods…again – ‘Blair Witch’

    Sequel fails to capture groundbreaking spirit of original

    Whether you loved it or hated it, there’s no denying that 1999’s “The Blair Witch Project” proved to be a groundbreaking film. The microbudget found-footage horror thriller was a game changer – not just in stylistic terms, but in marketing terms as well. It offered a new path to making movies and to selling them.

  • The eyes have it - 'Snowden'
    The eyes have it - 'Snowden'

    Film fails to capitalize on compelling story, excellent performances

    The ability to tackle controversial figures and/or subjects is one of the greatest powers the cinema possesses. Filmmakers can use their art to tell stories that they feel need telling in the manner in which they feel those stories need to be told.

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