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  • Hungry for more – ‘Mockingjay – Part I’
    Hungry for more – ‘Mockingjay – Part I’

    First part of ‘Hunger Games’ franchise finale overcomes obstacles

    One of the more disturbing tendencies in Hollywood these days is the two-part final movie. When these incredibly lucrative franchises approach their end, the powers that be feel this need to wring every last dollar out of the property.

  • 2 Dumb 2 Dumber
    2 Dumb 2 Dumber

    ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ a lukewarm effort

    As someone whose teenage years took place in the early part of the 1990s, I have long borne a fondness for the work of the Farrelly brothers. In many ways, Bobby and Peter Farrelly were the pioneers of gross-out comedy, laying the groundwork for the foul and funny filmmakers of today.

  • ‘Birdman’ flies high
    ‘Birdman’ flies high

    Creative, compelling tale one of 2014’s best films

    Sometimes, a movie just hits on all cylinders. You go to see it and it presents an engaging narrative told in an interesting manner. It has a clear and creative aesthetic, with a look and sound that draws in an audience. It also features bold directorial choices and exceptional performances. It’s the sort of movie that leaves you breathless and thrilled when the credits roll.

  • Reaching for the stars – ‘Interstellar’
    Reaching for the stars – ‘Interstellar’

    Sci-fi epic visually stunning, narratively uneven

    Every once in a while, a movie comes along that brings forth from me all sorts of outsized expectations. Maybe I hear a rumor about a director whose work I enjoy. Maybe it’s a screenwriter that I admire. Maybe it’s subject matter that intrigues me. Maybe it’s an actor or actors that I find particularly compelling.

  • Murray, McCarthy shine in ‘St. Vincent’
    Murray, McCarthy shine in ‘St. Vincent’

    Sentimental comedy elevated by exceptional cast

    For whatever reason, it’s safe to say that in the eyes of many, Bill Murray has evolved into something that is more meme than man. Thanks to the devotion of the denizens of various corners of the Internet and a knack for being a paragon of amicable and unexpected lunacy, Murray has reached a point where he is lauded and celebrated simply for being Bill Murray.

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