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  • Above and ‘Beyond’
    Above and ‘Beyond’

    Third “Star Trek” film a solid franchise offering

    The reinvention of a beloved pop culture property is never going to be easy. Finding the proper balance between loyalty to preexisting fans and finding ways to welcome new ones has proven to be the downfall of numerous films in recent years.

  • Jumping at shadows – ‘Lights Out’
    Jumping at shadows – ‘Lights Out’

    Smart horror film offers story and scares in equal measure

    Perhaps no film genre is quite as hit or miss as horror movies. The nature of horror is such that it allows for a wide range of levels of execution. That is, you can drop a big budget on a horror movie, but you can also make one for a relative pittance. However, the resulting quality is wildly variant; in short, there are a lot of mediocre and flat-out bad horror flicks made every year.

  • Who you gonna call? – ‘Ghostbusters’
    Who you gonna call? – ‘Ghostbusters’

    Talented cast brings reboot of beloved comedy classic to life

    Few movies have suffered the sort of instant backlash/resentment that was inspired by the remake/reboot of “Ghostbusters.” Armed with little more than an overly reverent nostalgia and an (admittedly not-great) first trailer – not to mention plenty of good old fashioned misogyny – hordes of nitwits and trolls took to the internet to bemoan the lack of quality in a film that none of them had even seen yet.

  • ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is doggone good
    ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is doggone good

    Animated family film has plenty of humor, heart

    Sometimes, a movie comes along that you just know you’re going to like. Maybe it’s the filmmaker or the subject matter. Maybe it’s just the trailer. Whatever the reason, you are absolutely certain that you are going to enjoy the film.

  • Bro-ing to the chapel – ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’
    Bro-ing to the chapel – ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’

    The past few years have seen the rise of a subgenre of comedic film, movies marked by the foul-mouthed, ludicrous and largely consequence-free antics of idiotic man-boys, overgrown children whose ability to function in any semblance of the real world strains the bounds of suspension of disbelief. They feature long, improv-driven riffs and plenty of raunchy moments.

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