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  • ‘Central Intelligence’ smarter than you think
    ‘Central Intelligence’ smarter than you think

    Dynamic Kevin Hart/The Rock pairing offers comedic chemistry

    It’s relatively easy to make a passable action comedy. Just string together a handful of jokes with some decently-crafted action sequences into something vaguely resembling a plot, then toss a few recognizable faces into the mix. Boom – a serviceable and (probably) not-terrible action comedy. 

  • Fish out of water – ‘Finding Dory’
    Fish out of water – ‘Finding Dory’

    Pixar sequel an entertaining, emotionally charged offering

    I’m in the bag for Pixar.

  • Now you don’t – ‘Now You See Me 2’
    Now you don’t – ‘Now You See Me 2’

    Likeable, talented cast can’t quite save magical misfire

    The summer of 2016 has already seen a number of unnecessary sequels. Due to unanticipated degrees of box office success, certain movies have been tapped to receive sequels despite having already told their story to a more or less satisfactory conclusion. These non-franchise sequels almost always turn out to be disappointments.

  • ‘Warcraft’ – what is it good for?
    ‘Warcraft’ – what is it good for?

    Video game adaptation offers interesting visuals, messy narrative

    Video game adaptations have long been among the toughest nuts for Hollywood to crack. Despite the fact that video games have become one of the most massive entertainment industries in the world, with beloved franchises inspiring millions of people to spend billions of dollars, the transition from small screen to large has rarely been a successful one.

  • The empty emotions of ‘Me Before You’
    The empty emotions of ‘Me Before You’

    Manipulative, formulaic love story offers nothing genuine

    Love stories are a foundational aspect of cinema. Even films that are ostensibly about something else tend to have romantic underpinnings that serve as a touchstone throughout, but capital-L Love Stories are kind of their own thing.

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