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  • ‘The Nice Guys’ finish first
    ‘The Nice Guys’ finish first

    Buddy comedy an entertaining throwback

    If you’ve watched and enjoyed any sort of action-oriented buddy comedy over the past three decades, you owe a debt of gratitude to Shane Black. Black’s screenplay for “Lethal Weapon” back in 1987 essentially defined that particular style; things have shifted and evolved in the 30 years since, but the basic DNA is still there.

  • Welcome (back) to the neighborhood – ‘Neighbors 2’
    Welcome (back) to the neighborhood – ‘Neighbors 2’

    “Sorority Rising” a rehash, but not without its own crass charms

    Here in the summer season, we talk a lot about the relative necessity of sequels; we see plenty of them during this segment of the cinematic calendar, after all. To be clear, this isn’t about franchise-building. This is about sequels to films that, while successful to some degree, don’t appear to really invite revisiting.

  • Taking stock of ‘Money Monster’
    Taking stock of ‘Money Monster’

    Financial drama lacks energy and urgency

  • Clichéd creepiness – ‘The Darkness’
    Clichéd creepiness – ‘The Darkness’

    Poorly conceived horror offering dull and derivative

  • Taking sides in ‘Captain America: Civil War’
    Taking sides in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

    Latest Marvel offering an ideal, exquisite comic book movie

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