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  • Vengeance, thy name is Denzel
    Vengeance, thy name is Denzel

    ‘The Equalizer’ offers violence, slow-burning intensity

    Let me be up front - I love love LOVE me some Denzel Washington. He’s one of the biggest movie stars out there; there are a scant handful of actors who can open a movie on their name and reputation alone and he belongs with that group. For me, he can do no wrong.

  • The foibles of family – ‘This is Where I Leave You’
    The foibles of family – ‘This is Where I Leave You’

    Ensemble comedy explores depths of one family’s dysfunction

    Creating a believable, relatable family dynamic in a film is a difficult task. Finding the nuances and subtleties and idiosyncrasies that bubble beneath the surface in every family requires deep digging – digging that not all filmmakers are willing (or able) to do.

  • ‘The Maze Runner’ sets the pace
    ‘The Maze Runner’ sets the pace

    YA adaptation proves to be a strong offering

    Movie theaters have seen a glut of films based on young adult literature – specifically YA sci-fi/fantasy – over the past few years. There are those who are wondering if the bubble will burst. Others are simply wondering when.

  • Neeson noir – ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’
    Neeson noir – ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’

    Slow-paced thriller elevated by powerful performance

    It’s funny how things work out in the Hollywood realm. You never really know who will become a movie star, nor can you predict just how that journey will play out.

  • Be a Man
    Be a Man

    Ray Harrington documents his quest to find out what that means

    Comedian Ray Harrington has made a documentary and wants you to help bring it to reality. The movie itself has been shot in its entirety, and Harrington has a Kickstarter to defray the post-production costs – a Kickstarter that met its goal in two days. But Harrington said that he had aimed low, wanting to cover the bare bones of what needed to be done (color correction and sound mixing), and the more he can raise, the better things will be in the end. There are a couple weeks to go, and Harrington is trying to meet his stretch goal of $8,000. He is already more than halfway there. And you still have time to help.

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