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  • Murray, McCarthy shine in ‘St. Vincent’
    Murray, McCarthy shine in ‘St. Vincent’

    Sentimental comedy elevated by exceptional cast

    For whatever reason, it’s safe to say that in the eyes of many, Bill Murray has evolved into something that is more meme than man. Thanks to the devotion of the denizens of various corners of the Internet and a knack for being a paragon of amicable and unexpected lunacy, Murray has reached a point where he is lauded and celebrated simply for being Bill Murray.

  • Keanu versus everybody – ‘John Wick’
    Keanu versus everybody – ‘John Wick’

    Action offering proves to be surprisingly strong

    There are certain actors in Hollywood that for whatever reason have become punchlines. Their names have become a sort of shorthand for eccentric behavior and/or general ineptitude.

  • ‘The Book of Life’ a lively treat
    ‘The Book of Life’ a lively treat

    Animated film offers a glimpse of The Day of the Dead

    There’s nothing wrong with cinema that is inspired by other source material. Reinventing a tale within the boundaries of a new medium is one of the foundations of storytelling. That said, it is undeniably intriguing when an original idea makes its first appearance on the screen.

  • Relater of Unusual Stories – ‘As You Wish’
    Relater of Unusual Stories – ‘As You Wish’

    Cary Elwes book tells the tale of making of “The Princess Bride”

    It’s difficult to say just what makes a film transcend mere popularity to become a true pop cultural touchstone. When a variety of factors are combined in just the right amounts at exactly the right time, a movie can become an integral part of an entire generation or even generations.

  • A not-so-bad ‘Very Bad Day’
    A not-so-bad ‘Very Bad Day’

    ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

    The realm of children’s movies has been more or less dominated by animation in recent years. It seems that the current cinematic climate doesn’t have much room for live-action films aimed specifically at the younger set. There are exceptions, of course, but it seems that we see far fewer of those sorts of films these days.

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