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  • The click and the dead – ‘Unfriended’
    The click and the dead – ‘Unfriended’

    Fascinating concept undermined by thin narrative

    There’s no disputing that the found-footage subgenre of horror has become a bit of a cottage industry in its own right over the past decade or so. While it originated as a way to break free from and/or reimagine the tired tropes of the genre, it has developed its own clichés along the way.

  • ‘Woman in Gold’ doesn’t quite glitter
    ‘Woman in Gold’ doesn’t quite glitter

    Film can’t live up to fascinating real-life inspiration

    Making films about real events is a tricky proposition. Stick too closely to the story and you might wind up with a movie that lacks dramatic tension. Deviate too much and you’ll need to brace yourself from the onslaught of suddenly-expert armchair historians. It’s a delicate balance.

  • ‘The Longest Ride’ aptly titled
    ‘The Longest Ride’ aptly titled

    Latest Sparks adaptation saccharine and predictable

    There’s probably no name in Hollywood that is more synonymous with “emotional manipulation” than Nicholas Sparks. The best-selling author has seen books such as “Message in a Bottle,” “Dear John” and – of course – “The Notebook” become films that could be considered the epitome of the chick flick.

  • All the fast, twice the furious – ‘Furious 7’
    All the fast, twice the furious – ‘Furious 7’

    Franchise goes bigger even as it says goodbye to one of its own

    Does anyone even remember when “The Fast and the Furious” was a movie about underground street racing culture? When it was a surprise success at the box office? Or when Vin Diesel wasn’t even interested in doing the sequel?

  • ‘The Last Film Festival’
    ‘The Last Film Festival’

    Dennis Hopper’s unseen film to be given life through Kickstarter

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Linda Yellen’s assistant, Linda Stetson, is Katy England’s maternal aunt, who assisted with some production work and helped facilitate the interview with Yellen.

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