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  • The madness of King George – ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’
    The madness of King George – ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

    Miller’s revival of Mad Max a masterpiece of exquisite action insanity

    Too often in the cinematic realm, we allow advertising and hype to raise our expectations to unreachable heights. We get caught up in that wonderful sense of hope that accompanies films that we very much want to see. We convince ourselves of the inherent brilliance of these movies only to be inevitably let down when the time to see them finally arrives.

  • ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ slightly off-key
    ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ slightly off-key

    Sequel not quite as sharp as the original

    As someone who spends a lot of time at the movies, my capacity to be surprised by a film has been significantly diminished over time. That isn’t to say that there aren’t surprises within movies, but it’s rare for me to like or dislike (in general terms) a movie much more than I expect to when I take my seat.

  • A lukewarm ‘Hot Pursuit’
    A lukewarm ‘Hot Pursuit’

    Talented leads can’t overcome lackluster story

    One of the downsides of a massively anticipated release such as the latest Avengers movie is that it makes rival studios reticent to send their own films out there to get destroyed at the box office. Basically, this means that we shouldn’t expect too much from any film that goes into wide release the weekend following such a huge cinematic event.

  • The meandering dead – ‘Maggie’
    The meandering dead – ‘Maggie’

    Slow pace, thin story undermine interesting concept

    The movie world has always run in cycles: when a certain type of film achieves a degree of success, imitators rush to cash in. The result is often a flood of imitators pushing their product to market, leading to a glut that largely undercuts whatever appeal was there in the first place.

  • Legends return
    Legends return

    Peter S. Beagle to attend ‘The Last Unicorn’ screen in Waterville

    WATERVILLE – For many, the story of the unicorn who bravely goes on a quest to find out what has happened to her kind is etched upon their memories. Those who are a fan of the film and the book will be thrilled to know that Peter S. Beagle’s tour of “The Last Unicorn” will be making a stop at Railroad Square Cinemas on May 13 for not one, but two screenings (as the 7 p.m. screening has already sold out). “The Last Unicorn” was originally screened in Waterville at Railroad Square Cinemas in 1982 and is returning more than 30 years later along with the legend who penned the book, author Peter S. Beagle, who also wrote the screenplay.

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