Novel explores nature of ethnic identity

As a culture, we’ve gotten better about discussing race, but the truth is that we’re still pretty bad at it. We’re disquieted and uncomfortable at the notion of having frank discussions; the reasons are legion, but almost all of us have one. So it’s remarkable when someone comes along and is able to tell a story that revolves around race without ever coming off as heavy-handed or preachy.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 20:38

Skewed View - (05/27/15)

by Katy England

This is a view that can be seen along the river in Brewer, and probably from another direction if you happened to be in the Queen City. Since there are no signs, we’re looking for where on South Main it’s located. (Photo by Katy England).

The bright red ball that was no good for kicking is located right outside of Target just off Stillwater. The decorative spheres are there to dissuade vehicle from driving on the sidewalk. (Photo by Katy England)

Maine authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller go on tour to promote newest novel

WINSLOW – In the hills of Winslow, Maine there is a treasure. That’s where two authors, three cats and a universe reside. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be going on tour across New England and New York starting June 2 to promote the newest book “Dragon in Exile” ($26, Baen Books) set in their Liaden Universe, the 18th in a series co-written by Lee and Miller.

Film fails to resonate despite copious talent, upbeat tone

The current pop culture landscape is littered with dystopias and post-apocalyptic scenarios. They have become a huge part of our entertainment, from movies to TV shows to video games to books. The end of the world as we know it has never felt finer.

Remake of horror classic fails to capture spirit of original

Those of us who bemoan Hollywood’s seeming lack of interest in original ideas have plenty of culprits at whom to point – those who invest nine-figure sums in developing ongoing franchises built on preexisting source material or sequels whose overpriced lunacy increases exponentially with each new iteration, for instance.

Palahniuk’s first collection of short fiction inspires and incites

When viewed from the outside, it’s rather remarkable that someone like Chuck Palahniuk could become such an iconic figure in popular literature. In a literary world filled with writers who are content to play it safe with their talents, Palahniuk has never been afraid to let his freak flag fly, telling stories of outsiders and generally delighting in his role as a subversive voice.

When Particles Collide is back, and they’ll rock you and grab your heart at the same time with their third and most powerful effort to date.   

Since forming in Bangor in 2010, Sasha Alcott (guitar, vocals) and Chris Viner (drums) of When Particles Collide have racked up tens of thousands of touring miles and blown away hundreds of audiences from Cambridge to Colorado.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 17:04

Coffee with a cop

by Kevin Bennett


The first event was a success, more to follow

BANGOR – “The Nite Show with Danny Cashman” will present a special edition of the show with high school students taking over as guests and members of the crew. “High School Nite” will air on Saturday, May 30, and was produced in conjunction with Husson Alive: The NESCom Experience.

“We have been looking forward to this for quite some time. The high schools in Maine are such a resource for tremendous talent and personalities that it was easy to find great guests for our show,” said “Nite Show” host Danny Cashman. “On top of that, despite doing a high school themed show, my transcript continues to go unchecked, keeping my dirty little secret alive that I never passed high school English … or science.”

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