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New installment is part sequel, part reboot and a total misfire 

The Hollywood of 2015 is enamored of sequels, reboots and remakes – expanding or rehashing an existing property is a much easier way to justify massive budgets in today’s box office climate.

Jokes and gyrations abound in stripper sequel

I’ve done a lot of things in the name of movie criticism over the years. I have seen a lot of exceptional movies and a lot of terrible ones and even more in the middle. So it has become a rare thing for me to have anything that I would consider a new experience at the cinema, a wonderful occurrence that, good or bad, is a welcome shift in the status quo. I enjoyed one such shift recently.

Stephen King adaptation to screen in Waterville

One of the standard offerings at MIFF is the Maine Shorts program, a collection of short films created by Maine filmmakers. This year’s slate features a film produced by the University of Maine’s Year in Film class.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 19:30

Return of the MIFF

Film festival marks 18th year

WATERVILLE – As someone who sees a whole lot of movies – particularly in the summer season – I occasionally find myself growing weary of the same old recycled sequels and reboots that are relentlessly churned out by the Hollywood blockbuster machine. There’s just so much out there, and while there’s an occasional gem, the truth is that more often than not, the best you can hope for is not-terrible – a hope that is dashed more often than not.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 21:33

Weird National Briefs - (07/01/15)

Lost highway

PLAINFIELD, Pa. - Police say a New York City man driving a stolen car took the wrong road and ended up lost and without gas in Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 21:28

Red Sox Report Card – June 2015

It’s probably safe to say that the last vestiges of Red Sox optimism are swirling the drain.

We’re essentially at the halfway point of the season – enough time has elapsed for even the most diehard to accept the reality that the seemingly-solid plan going into 2015 has proven to be less sturdy than anticipated.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 21:23

Celebrity Slam - (07/01/15)

Shia’s America

We’ve been known to have our favorites here in Celebrity Slam – my crush on a certain crazy Quaid brother burns to this day (miss you, Randy!). These are the celebrities who – through idiocy, insanity or some combination therein – consistently toss up softballs for people like me to happily smack. To an extent, you gradually grow accustomed to their foibles and eccentricities, but sometimes, one will still manage to surprise you.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 21:03

Bear-ly legal – ‘Ted 2’

Sequel lacks the heart of the original

Living in the age of Hollywood recycling, we should never be surprised to see a sequel. And when the first film is successful to an unanticipated degree, prepare yourself for a title with a number after it.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 21:02

Every dog has his day – ‘Max’

Family-friendly effort mostly falls flat

One could definitely argue that on the summer box office slate, there’s no room among the animated blockbusters, over-the-top comedies and CGI action movies for smaller, more niche-oriented movies. Happily, that doesn’t stop people from occasionally trying. And that variation in fare can be a welcome respite from the high-volume popcorn sensibility of the season.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 20:53

Meet the new guys

A look at the Celtics 2015 draft class

I’ve never claimed to be a huge fan of the NBA – or basketball in general, for that matter – but as a general sports enthusiast (and indisputable homer for regional teams), there are times when I pay closer attention to the goings-on of the National Basketball Association and my by-default favorite team, the Boston Celtics.

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