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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:54

‘Monster Trucks’ a total wreck

Kiddie sci-fi flick fails on almost every possible level

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:42

Weekly Time Waster – ‘Gravity Balls’

There are few things that are better suited for my time-wasting pleasure than games that ask me to accomplish simple goals in complicated ways. The best of these tend to involve tricky physics and Rube Goldberg-ian paths and patterns; basically, the less straightforward the path, the more I enjoy following it. Of course, you don’t want things to be TOO difficult – what’s the fun in that? It’s all about that happy medium.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:30

Celebrity Slam (01/18/2017)

Hey jealousy

We learned long ago that celebrity relationships are rarely what they appear to be. These are people possessed of massive fame and even more massive egos – they aren’t necessarily wired for the give-and-take sincerity that tends to power healthy relationships.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:28

Weird National Briefs (01/18/2017)

Better late than never

SAN FRANCISCO - A book of short stories titled “Forty Minutes Late” has been returned to a San Francisco library - 100 years late.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:26

Criminal Mischief (01/18/2017)

Burglary suspects arrested

BANGOR – Two Bangor residents were arrested on Jan. 16 in connection with a burglary that took place a week earlier.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 14:26

Before I wake

“The Sleepwalker” a compelling mystery

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