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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 10:21

Red Sox Report Card – April

It sure has been great having baseball back.

As always, the long winter left us waiting in great anticipation for the return of the thump of the glove and the crack of the bat. Spring has sprung and the Boston Red Sox – along with MLB’s 29 other teams – have taken the field.

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 09:01

Celebrity Slam (05/03/2017)

Graceless under Fyre

There are those who would label what we do as a form of schadenfreude, taking delight in the misfortune of others. And while not all of our stories reach that level – we do plenty of stuff that is more of the “point-and-laugh/gently mock” variety – we certainly do embrace the more delicious opportunities when they come along.

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 08:59

Weird National Briefs (05/03/2017)

Out fur justice

WAYNESBORO, Va. - Why would someone go around shaving other people’s cats?

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 08:57

Criminal Mischief (05/03/2017)

Meth lab fire leads to four arrests, one death

OLD TOWN – An incident related to the manufacture of methamphetamine in Old Town has led to charges against four people and the death of a fifth, according to press releases from Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland.

Friday, 28 April 2017 09:43

'The Circle' circles the drain

Tech thriller a dull, disorganized disappointment

Elizabeth Strout’s latest an exceptional, engaging literary feat

Novel combines disparate genre elements to excellent effect

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