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Wednesday, 09 July 2014 14:01

Celebrity Slam - 07/09/14

Krazy Katt

In the realm of celebrity missteps, things tend to go in one of three directions.

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:56

At world’s end – ‘California’

Novel explores aftermath of societal breakdown

The end of the world has always been attractive to writers, but recent years have seen a particular surge in literature dealing with that particular subject. Some sort of grand cataclysm befalls us and the remnants of humanity are left to pick up the pieces.

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:28

McCarthy misfires with ‘Tammy’

One-note road comedy falls short of funny

In a cinematic world dominated by dudes – particularly when it comes to comedy – it’s nice to know that there’s someone like Melissa McCarthy out there. A fearless and gifted comedian capable of pulling off bon mots and pratfalls alike, McCarthy is an immense talent.

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:25

Echoes of family films gone by

‘Earth to Echo’ a good-not-great family offering

Live-action movies aimed specifically at younger viewers are a lot more infrequent than they used to be. The ones that do get made tend to be film adaptations of popular books intended to be ongoing franchises. And even those inspired by young adult literature seem to be skewing in more grown-up directions – there’s a darkness to them. That darkness might make the movies more palatable to the adult viewer, but it comes at the expense of some of the magic.

Novel offers sad, powerful saga of love and loss

An argument could be made that the best sort of fictional narrator is the one that, despite constantly making poor and/or questionable decisions, the reader cannot help but like.

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 12:50

Waterville goes to the movies with MIFF

Maine International Film Festival returns for 17th year

WATERVILLE – As someone who spends a lot of time going to the movies – especially in the summertime – I occasionally find myself growing weary of the same old recycled sequels and reboots that are relentlessly churned out by the Hollywood blockbuster machine. There are a lot of movies that make their way into theaters during the dog days – some are good, many are bad and precious few are great.

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 09:47

Red Sox Report Card – 07/02/14

The month of June has come to a close and we’re three months into the major league baseball season. Like it or not, at this point we have a relatively decent understanding of what we can expect from a team going forward.

This does not bode well for the Boston Red Sox.

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 23:48

Weird National Briefs - 07/02/14

Punch thy neighbor

OGDEN, Utah - A 52-year-old man accused of punching another man and hitting him with his car in a dispute over pew space in Utah has been ordered to spend 30 days in jail.

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 23:28

Celebrity Slam - 07/02/14

The strange saga of Shia

The lives of the rich and famous certainly have their perks. There’s a lot about celebrity that appears pretty awesome when you’re on the outside looking in. But there are also plenty of pressures that famous folks have to deal with – pressures that those of us outside the spotlight will never really understand. These pressures feed off one another; if someone isn’t equipped to deal with them, said pressures often expand to a breaking point, leading to a celebrity meltdown.

Novel explores trough by way of disaster

Mankind’s fascination with space is an eternal one. There are few among us who haven’t spent at least a little time dreaming about being up there, no longer Earthbound. It’s such a widely held dream that there are companies out there whose sole purpose is to find a way to shoot regular people (really really rich regular people, but still) into space. It’s the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream simply by writing a giant check.

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