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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 19:34

Moving forward from the unforgiveable

‘Among the Ten Thousand Things’ an exceptional debut

There’s something exciting in picking up a debut novel, reading an author’s first undertaking. The lack of context, the absence of expectations – you just never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes, you get a bad one, a book that simply fails to resonate. Other times, you get a perfectly serviceable effort, a book that is forgettable without being regrettable.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 20:24

Weird National Briefs - (07/08/15)

Vehicular renovation

SANFORD, Fla. - A central Florida woman has been arrested after authorities say she drove her car through her home.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 20:13


Royals rule 2015’s game

The MLB All-Star Game used to be one of the highlights of the sporting year. Once upon a time, in the days before interleague play and ubiquitous television coverage, it was often the only chance one had to see the great players who didn’t happen to share a league with your local team.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 20:03

Celebrity Slam - (07/08/15)

One flight with Paris

One thing that becomes clear when you spend a lot of time amidst the never ending current of celebrity gossip is that once a person gets a taste of that spotlight, they almost always come to a place where they don’t just want it – they need it. And when that light begins to fade, that need is compounded. They can’t live in a world that isn’t constantly looking at them.

Which brings us to Paris Hilton. Remember Paris Hilton? Of course you do – though no one would fault you if you didn’t, because she has been largely absent from the pop culture zeitgeist. She went from being everywhere to being more or less nowhere.

Latest Laundry Files book a departure for Stross

A well-constructed genre series can be a tremendously fulfilling reading experience, following characters as they grow and evolve in the service of an overarching storyline. Watching as authors hone their voices is often a pleasure as well.

Book tells true story of one of America’s most valuable spies

Spy thrillers have long been big business in the literary realm. Running the gamut from John le Carre to Tom Clancy to Ian Fleming to Robert Ludlum, these books have long proven to be page-turning delights, telling tales of the shadowy worlds that exist just beneath the surface.

New installment is part sequel, part reboot and a total misfire 

The Hollywood of 2015 is enamored of sequels, reboots and remakes – expanding or rehashing an existing property is a much easier way to justify massive budgets in today’s box office climate.

Jokes and gyrations abound in stripper sequel

I’ve done a lot of things in the name of movie criticism over the years. I have seen a lot of exceptional movies and a lot of terrible ones and even more in the middle. So it has become a rare thing for me to have anything that I would consider a new experience at the cinema, a wonderful occurrence that, good or bad, is a welcome shift in the status quo. I enjoyed one such shift recently.

Stephen King adaptation to screen in Waterville

One of the standard offerings at MIFF is the Maine Shorts program, a collection of short films created by Maine filmmakers. This year’s slate features a film produced by the University of Maine’s Year in Film class.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 19:30

Return of the MIFF

Film festival marks 18th year

WATERVILLE – As someone who sees a whole lot of movies – particularly in the summer season – I occasionally find myself growing weary of the same old recycled sequels and reboots that are relentlessly churned out by the Hollywood blockbuster machine. There’s just so much out there, and while there’s an occasional gem, the truth is that more often than not, the best you can hope for is not-terrible – a hope that is dashed more often than not.

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